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The 5 Best Perks of a Party Bus Rental

Everything looks really cool, right? This is just one bus you are seeing. And there are tons of party buses all over Detroit to choose from. Different company, different look, different location and different prices but all offer the same or almost similar perks that you will never regret and forget.

What advantage do I get when hiring a Party Bus?

It’s just ridiculous to say there’s none when there’s actually lots of it in a single party bus.

One of the main advantages of renting a party bus is that you get to travel and party at the same time. Whether you have an itinerary or you just can’t figure where to go, a party bus can never be a bad choice to have fun. You may visit several bars with all of your friends or with friends of friends or out to meet new friends as long as the operator would allow you to max out the vehicle’s passenger capacity. A party bus is not just about bar hopping, some party buses already have one inside so you can just volume up to the music and start the party anytime.

You can roll around the area while partying or simply enjoy a tour while having a karaoke night. Renting out a party bus allows you to have fun with your friends without worrying about driving and traffic.

You can always plan a party or celebration on a party bus and you should also know the perks and benefits that you are going to enjoy once your party in it.

What are the Top 5 Best Party Bus Perks?

Perk #1. A Designated Professional Driver

When out partying in clubs, this is one of the things most guys hated the most being pointed out as a designated driver or feeling responsible for taking your friends to their home after the party.

It’s hard to resist the fun! Especially when you see everyone kicking back with hard drinks and keeping a vow to drink less so you can still manage to drive home safely.

With a party bus at the ready mode, worrying is the last thing you can think about. A designated professional party bus drivers are trained to stay sober and clear-headed all night long to do the driving for you. The best thing you can get is that freedom of enjoying the night stress-free.

Perk #2. Partying on Wheels

Hiring a party bus means the transportation is your destination. It comes with custom lighting, wet bars, air-conditioning and more. Party buses also make the perfect transportation for special events like prom, sporting events, bachelor or bachelorette parties et cetera.

Perk #3. Enjoy the Party Without Distractions

When out you’re out partying, you definitely don’t want to miss out every second of fun. Partying on the bus is getting rid of the hassles like finding a parking lot, dealing with the traffic, and finding locations. Party opportunity is everywhere so all of your friends will just stay all together in a fun-focused atmosphere all night long.

 Perk #4. Safety

Don’t worry about getting home safely after having a few drinks at the bars with your friends. Feel comfortable knowing you have a safe and comfortable ride home. Our chauffeurs have years of experience and must pass a stringent background check for employment.

Perk #5. The FUN!

Ensure that the party bus you hire has a licensed and insured professional driver to make sure your ride is safe for everyone. Check also the onboard amenities that the company has to offer.

You may test the quality of the audio systems, lights, flat-screen TVs, and the portable disk players before hiring the party bus. And most of these party buses either contain wet bars with free beverages or allow you to bring your own beverages and food. Check the agreement and contract to see if there’s any inclusion or limitations.


The perks are only half the worth of fun there is when partying in a bus. You may also enjoy the amenities and benefits plus you can party everywhere and anywhere. Literally, it’s a party bus!

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