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4 Types of Limousines To Consider for Your Wedding

A limousine is a luxury vehicle used for special occasions, and the party bus rental version of the limousine is ideal for your wedding party. Celebrating a special occasion such as your wedding makes a limousine the perfect means of transportation to make it an even more memorable day. Dream Limousines, Inc. in the Detroit area, has what you need to create perfect transportation to complete your day.

Party Bus Rental and Other Limousines for Perfect Wedding Day Transportation

Dream Limousines, Inc. are the experts in the luxury transportation industry. When looking for top-quality vehicles for transportation to your special events, they are the company that prides themselves in taking care of their customers and have a great limo fleet for you to choose from.

Amazing Party Bus Rental Limo

Coach 1 is the Amazing Party Bus Rental Limo that will provide you and your wedding party with a smart touch system, so you completely control the environment of your ride. You can sync your phone or iPod and play it through a custom sound system. This luxurious vehicle is complete with hardwood floors, seats made of leather, a laser light display, and will comfortably seat up to 25 passengers for you to choose from your guest list.

Coach 2 Party Bus Limo

Coach 2 Party Bus Limo is a smaller version of the Coach 1 and will allow you to invite up to 18 guests to share in a luxury ride to and from your wedding. This limousine has a high-tech smart touch system so you and your guests can control the climate during your ride. The luxurious interior is designed with hardwood floors and leather seats, and it provides you with two TVs and one large bar area.

Party Bus Rental- Luxury Coach

Coach 3 is luxury coach party bus that has been loaded with multimedia features that you and your guests can control. In this incredible luxurious vehicle, you and up to 25 guests from your wedding list will find four flat screened TVs to play anything you’d like. You can connect your devices to stream your music through a great sound system.

Coach 4 Party Bus Limo

Coach 4 Party Bus Limo will offer you and your guests the best in technology for your entertainment pleasure. This limousine provides two large bar areas and fiber optic lights to entertain up to 35 of your wedding guests. There are four plasma TVs to enjoy any feature you’d like.

Dream Limousines, Inc in the Detroit area, have fully trained and certified drivers to escort you and your guests. Contact them today and arrange your party bus rental to make your the day the best it can be.

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