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Spectacular Chauffeur Service

Dream Limousines is Committed to Great Chauffeur Service

What exactly makes a great chauffeur? Is it experience? A sense of style? A commitment to the customer?

Here at Dream Limousines, we know that quality chauffeur service needs to excel at all of these elements. That’s why we make sure to only hire the most outstanding drivers for our limousines and coach buses.

Luxury Chauffeur Service

Choosing the Best Chauffeur Service

Drivers for limo companies can be hired from two divisions: those with chauffeur’s licenses, and those with commercial vehicle licenses (CVL). Our chauffeur service exclusively draws from the second group. That’s because the CVL has more stringent guidelines.

Each chauffeur service driver will undergo extensive drug and background checks. The drivers will also be monitored under a commercial lookup system. This means that we’ll be informed if a driver is ever in an off-the-job accident. The commercial lookup process ensures that the drivers we hire will always be responsible behind the wheel.

Safety Comes First in Chauffeur Service

The point of renting a limousine is to have a good time. Our chauffeur service has safety as its number one priority, so that you and your guests can focus on enjoying yourselves. In addition to being well-trained and experienced, the chauffeurs at Dream Limousines perform thorough vehicle inspections before every trip. On the off-chance there is an issue, it’ll be found and solved before it becomes a problem.

Our drivers also know the Metro Detroit area like the backs of their hands. Wherever it is that you need to go, they’ll know the best way to get you there.

Our Chauffeur Service Treats You like Royalty

We make sure that our luxury chauffeur service puts you, the customer, first. Your driver will always be friendly and helpful. Your time is valuable to them. Wherever they go, our drivers make it a point to show up fifteen minutes early. They’ll be ready as soon as you are.

Contact us if you’re looking for excellent limousines and chauffeur service in Metro Detroit! At Dream Limousines, we’re proud to provide the best for our clients.

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