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What to Look for in a Limousine Company for Your Wedding

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When it’s all about your special day, the Wedding Day, everything should be great and less stressful. You don’t actually need to think a lot to make yourself comfortable in a limousine ride to a wedding, especially on your very own wedding day.

When you’re out to look for a responsible limousine rental company, there are only few things you have to keep in mind,

  • The Convenience
  • The Limousine
  • The Driver
  • The Reliability
  • And The Price

It is important that the limousine rental company you get can provide all of these at the highest standard. After all, it is your wedding day.

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Make sure that the limousine rental company can provide you with everything you need for your wedding day. Let them know of these important details:

  • Your pickup location and your destination
  • How long do you need the limousine and driver
  • The additional fees, in case you need more time to use the limousine for the event
  • Company’s operating hours, prefer the ones you can reach out 24/7
  • The specific time of the wedding
  • Route and alternate routes

You need to let them know if you are allowed to make some stops on the way to the ceremony, just in case.


Always make sure that the limousine company you choose can provide the kind of limousine you would want for your wedding. Visit their garage you’d get to personally see the specific limousine you are going to ride on your wedding day. Get the limo number and include it in the contract.

Check the limousine company’s fleet size and see if they can give you a lot of limousine options to choose from. Remember to also check what’s inside the car. You may always request the type of ride you would want so try to take your time to choose the best limousine you can find.


Some limousine rental companies may offer you to choose your chauffeur for the event. And then some limousine has its very own designated driver. You may ask the limousine rental company for the driver’s details, backgrounds and even talk to them personally.

You may ask the driver about how well they know certain locations such as your pickup location and destination and how long they could take you there and if they know about alternate routes in case of bad traffic conditions. And also make sure they get to dress for that certain occasion.


If you have friends who have ever done it, try to ask for any suggestions and small tips on how they successfully booked one. If you have no one to ask about these things, check limousine rental directory sites instead like Yelp, YellowPages, or Angie’s List.

If you still have time, visit each website and read testimonials regarding the limousine rental company near you. If you get to see Three or more prospects, check who gets more good ratings. Even if they’d only post the good ones, the more 5 star testimonials the company has the best option you can get.


Most of the limousine rental company in Detroit offers the same price at certain hours but you may find the best ones that offer more comfort and extra service.

Remember, when it comes to a special event like your wedding day, affordability is not an option. The only way to save your money is to know the perks you get of what you are paying for.


Make your decision by choosing a limousine rental company that can provide you with the utmost convenience at a fair price. Some limousine rental companies may offer extra services such as complimentary champagne, red carpets, and even decorations. Be sure to plan ahead and book in not less than 6 months before the wedding to make sure you can always get the best limousine option available for you. When you already have chosen one, make sure that everything you need is in the contract and then you will have nothing to worry about until your wedding day ends.

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