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What It Takes to Organize the Greatest Party Bus Experience?

If you frequently go to parties or even organize one, you might often think clubs and house parties were overrated. Sometimes, you just run out of ideas yet still you desperately want to have that one awesomely wild and extreme party experience. An extremely legal party experience, that is Party Bus.

Cool video, right? But the coolest thing is, you actually don’t need to be an NFL player or own a bus to throw the craziest party ever.


If you haven’t experienced it yet, you’re definitely reading the right article. If you already have, then it’s time to take it to another level. Here’s how.


Whether it is for staff or stag parties, proms, birthdays, weddings, corporate or any events, you can always throw the greatest the party of the year in a bus.

Plan the Details of the Party

The venue is not a problem when partying on a bus, but you have to plan when and where the pick-up locations and/or your stop sites. Choose your route carefully so you can inform the limo company about your itinerary.

If you need to decorate them for the certain event, you definitely can work on that by coordinating with the limo company that you are going to hire. Also include the number of hours, people and the total cost you need to spend for the event.

Entertainment Factor

You may prefer bringing your own music or visual for karaoke or for the dance. You may also think about including a DJ or exotic dancers when needed.

Don’t Forget About the Refreshments

See if the limo company you are going to hire offers food and drinks or if you have to bring your own beverages. That is very important for any kind of event so make you won’t consider it less above all things.

Choosing a Party Bus

Always look for a limo company that has lots of selection of fleets. The more options you have, the better. Make sure you get to see the party bus yourself. Most limo companies in Detroit offers great detailing and interior from leather seating and hardwood flooring so it’s best to check out 2 to 3 limo companies before choosing the best one.

Usually, party buses can carry around 14 to 35 passengers with TV’s and surround sound features. There are also features that may include a bar area in it and a lot of space for disco.

Party Bus Rental Fees

There are also some limo companies that offer packages with inclusion such as, balloons, red carpet, flowers, et cetera. Things that you should also consider depending on the events since that can be taken off as a discount if the inclusion is not really necessary.

According to CostHelper.com:

An 8 or more passenger models starts at around $100 to $300. And some may vary depending on the limo company’s package prices.

Additional costs may vary but usually:

  • Some companies charge a per-stop fee ($15-$30 per stop, although it varies) if there are multiple pick-up or drop-off locations. Ask in advance if this applies.
  • Most rental rates do not include the driver’s tip, which should be anywhere from 10-20 percent of the cost, given in cash at the end. Some hourly rentals include an automatic 20 percent gratuity — so check to be sure before tipping.
  • When gas costs soared over $3-$4 a gallon, many limousine companies added a 5-10 percent fuel surcharge for longer trips.
  • Hourly charges are usually calculated in 15-minute increments, and overtime charges are usually much higher than the standard rate, starting around $130-$300 or more an hour. It can be better to book a limo for a flat fee for the day than to run the risk of running over on a 2-, 3- or 4-hour rental.
  • Also remember to tip the driver 15 to 20 percent of the base price.

Before Renting Out Always Make Sure That You Are Hiring the Right Limo Company

  • Although the cost is important, give the quality of the bus a higher importance than that.
  • Book several days before the event and get a proof that you’re guaranteed to get the bus you originally picked.
  • Check licenses and insurance. Include the company guidelines in order to avoid possible legal issues.
  • Checklist what you really need and the inclusions in the party bus rental packages you are going to get.

Remember that you are renting a party bus to have fun partying in it. Your main goal is your friends, the drinks, the music, the safety and of course to have a very good time.


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