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10 Essential Tips When Hiring an Airport Limo

This is an example of an airport limo scheme in other airports.

Avoid getting caught up in the middle of it or get overcharged and get victimized in any sort.

Hire a decent Airport Limo service but before even doing that you should read this guide. These helps you save time and money especially in the matters of pertaining to theft, insurance, accidents and compensation. If you plan to hire an airport limo, make it sure that you book 2-3 weeks before the flight departure so you won’t have to worry about paying an extra amount for an urgent booking.

Booking in advance will give you the privilege of avoiding the last minute cancellation and hassles and get the vehicle reserved for you before others.

To give you an idea of what you should do when hiring an airport limo to pick up, here are some great tips to make it easier for you:

Tips #1: Provide Contact Number

When you’re done the booking, provide a cell phone number that you use during your travel and ask for the driver’s work number too. This way the airport limo service may contact you if the driver will miss you in the terminal or you will need to contact the driver for any changes in your pick up concerns.

Tips #2: Keep a Copy of the Confirmation Number

If you get into problems with the airport limo service, you will need the confirmation number to correct the problem.

Tips #3: Always Keep Your Travel Phone Line Open

When you land at the airport, immediately turn on your phone. Be sure they’d be able to reach you. The airport limo service might run into some problems and will try to reach you or plan to arrange a curbside pick-up in the last minute.

Tips #4: Remember to Leave Early for International Departures

If you’re are traveling on an international flight on a Friday night, you should be at the airport as early as possible. You should arrive an hour earlier than planned during Fridays and Sundays if you take international flights.

Tips #5: Check Your Flight Schedule

Always check on your flight. You may check your flight through flightview.com. In case your flight is delayed, contact your airport limousine service immediately to arrange a change of pick-up date and time.

Tips #6: Schedule an Early Pick up

Schedule an early pick up when traveling on a morning departure on a regional carrier. Airlines such as the Southwest and United are exceptionally busy from 5 am until mid-day so be sure you get there early to give you a plenty of time.

Tips #7: Do You Get a Meet & Greet Service?

In some cases, if you are a first-time traveler or not familiar with the date you are going. You might need this service.

This kind of service can expedite your trip through the airport. When you arrive at the arrival gate, the greeter will meet you there to accompany you to the baggage claim area. Upon retrieving your baggage, the greeter will immediately call up the driver to pick you up at the curb with the boarding pass and baggage tags. The greeter will then accompany you to the security line up to the gate.

Tips #8: Meet Chauffeur in the Baggage Claim Area

Due to the 9/11 security upgrades, chauffeurs are no longer allowed past the security checkpoints. They’re only allowed to meet the clients in the baggage claim area so it’s impossible to meet them at the gate.

Tips #9: The Curbside Pick Ups

Most clients prefer to meet the chauffeur inside the terminal but if you are in a hurry you may arrange a curbside pick up. Just like any other ground transportation service, airport limo can pick up the passengers at the curb.

Tips #10: Book with The Same Service

If you are a frequent traveler and had the chance to book to a limousine company that satisfies you, add it to your contact list including the email and website.

If you travel more than twice in a month on a plane, then it is better to have a single service provider. When you become a regular customer, the limo service will eventually know your need every time you ask for their service.

Booking with the same airport limo service will provide you the following advantages:

  • You get to avoid bad surprises and avoid the hassles
  • You will get considerable rates with the best vehicles
  • Your requests will surely be accommodated even on the last minute booking
  • You will always receive the same good service each and every time

Additional Tip: Tipping Etiquette

Tipping is an acceptable practice in different industries where service providers perform variety of services such as valet parking, hair styling, bartending, et cetera. These type of employees are customarily tipped particularly after receiving great service.


Remember that booking a limo service early is really less expensive than to doing it at the last minute. More importantly, hire a limo service that is an established limousine company with a proven track record. They are the only ones that can offer professional service that goes beyond your expectations.

I hope this tips will help you book better airport limo service and travel anywhere with ease.