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What You Should Know When Tipping a Limousine Driver

When booking a limousine service for any event, always consider that you are also in need for a customer service from the one who will drive you around town.

Do you really have to tip a limousine driver?

You should! Limo drivers are in the service industry similar to bartenders, waiters, and others that offer reliable services to you. If you have no idea on how much you should tip a limousine driver, you can stick to the general tipping rule of 20%.

In most cases, clients would tip a limousine driver generously above the rule and less while some don’t tip at all. Now in order for us to understand there are some points we have to remember and generally set our minds that though it is not obligatory, tipping is customary, especially, if it is someone doing a decent service for your comfort.

tipping a limousine driver

The baseline standard tipping rate for the limousine driver is typically between 10 and 20 percent of the total fare you pay for the limo rental which you can definitely base accordingly to the efforts  and manners the driver has offered you.

According to CNN Money article:

Taxi drivers: 10%-15%; up to 20% if driver helps with bags or makes extra stops
Car service/limo drivers: 15%-20%
Door-to-door shuttle: For paid shuttle service, 15%, with $1-$2 extra per bag if help with luggage is provided. No tip if shuttle is free.

Limo drivers are either paid in an hourly or in a fixed rate but either way, it is customary to for this kind of service to be tipped rightfully. And for a frequent travel or limo service rental client, you should know why tipping the right amount matters.

Let’s have a breakdown on things which are more commonly served during a trip and how to tip them based on these points.

Point #1 – Car size:

Limo rentals could have a fleet of different limos and sizes to choose from so if you are renting out smaller limos you may range it from 10 to 15% of the total bill. For stretch limos, you may tip at least 15%.

Point #2 – Trip time:

You may also base the tip on the duration of the trip. If your trip only takes around 30 to 45 minutes, 10 to 15% is acceptable. While for an hour trip or even more expect to tip at least 20% of the total bill.

Point #3 – Time of day considerations:

When renting out a limo during the day, it is easier to estimate a tip for about 10 to 15% or just base it on the duration of the trip. On the other hand, night trips can be different since you will have to consider the safety. A 20% minimum is considerable.

Point #4 – Evaluate driver’s quality:

You must understand that the service of a driver is not only limited driving but also involves courtesy. From opening to closing your door, making sure you have a comfortable trip and ensure your safety.

In The Travel Guide advice,

tipping considerations go further than just what you think of the driver. He should also be adequately trained and certified. If not, you are justified in showing your disapproval through your tip.


Though, 15% is more likely expected for service you can always give out more if you think a limo driver deserves it. Remember that a 20% tip is applicable to any limousine rental and it is only normal to express your satisfaction by a generous tipping.