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Book Wedding Coaches for Your Guest on Your Wedding Day

You might worry about the success of your wedding, don’t be! You can’t take your wedding for granted though so it’s up to you to hire a wedding coach service that you can rely on and ensure you’d have a stress-free, successful wedding event. Hiring a wedding coach for your guest could lessen your overall worries.

Why is it important to hire Wedding Coaches?

If you need to move 30 or more people, hiring a wedding coach is the best option you can get. Aside from increasing your guest experience and it also brings a good impression to the guests. A professional wedding coach will ensure your friends and family’s travel safety on your wedding day.

In order to avoid getting into trouble, I have some useful tips that might be applicable to you. It’s very important that you or your wedding organizer won’t miss recognizing these 5 facts:

Fact #1: Shop Around

It’s very convenient to hire a wedding coach but it can be costly. Though couples can always arrange that through the wedding organizers or the hotel management where you are staying or where the reception is being held.

Be sure to have you guest list ready so you can find the actual size of the shuttle you need for all your guests.

Fact #2: Consider the Number of Guests

You may able to hire a single shuttle throughout the day to get your guest from where they are to where they need to go. You may also hire more or even try to see if the hotel or the reception you booked offers a free shuttle ride.

If you don’t have an extensive guest list and only prefer to hire a single bus, it is possible but the shuttle will likely pick up the guests at a specific time, making it an ideal choice for smaller parties. But for larger parties where some guests might want to retire earlier than others, it can be quite inconvenient. So as much as possible get the numbers right and add some pluses on that list just in case to avoid the hassles during the wedding day.

Even if your hotel offers a complimentary shuttle, make it sure that you can move everyone before the wedding and reception starts or whenever you want them to move. Note also how frequently the shuttle travels to move all the guests to the designated locations.

Fact #3: Discuss the Transportation with the Hotel Management

Some of the hotels provide shuttle services, they can also provide that if you decide to book your guests into the hotel. Even if it does come with a fee, you may compare the cost of the transport against the shuttle service company. You can use the hotel shuttle as your alternative in case there are some unprecedented things that would happen.

If the hotel cannot accommodate you, try to ask the hotel concierge or the front desk staff to point you in the right direction. They may be familiar with the hotel guests who had booked for weddings and had hired shuttle services. Some hotels have connections with these services too so you can ask them for contact numbers.

Fact #4: Inform The Guests of the Transportation Arrangements

Make sure you’d be able to include transportation instructions in your invitation letters, or through a group SMS to notify them about the transportation you have prepared for them. Don’t assume you will have the time to inform them on your wedding day. You’d be busy to even meet each one of them.

If you have an arrangement with the hotel, consult the staff in charge in a day or two before the wedding day to ensure everything is ready to go and they get the right information to forward to the guests.

Hotel shuttles can be an alternative to moving your guests to church and to the venue. Similar to shuttle services, it also allows the wedding guests to enjoy the reception without worry about driving. If you have prepared hard drinks for them, it will also be a good way to protect them from having accidents. Another advantage ensures your guest that they won’t get lost or get late.

Fact #5: Get The Details in Writing

When you finally settle to a shuttle service company, get it in writing before paying a deposit or issuing a check. Make sure that the agreement clearly states the minimum hours of use, the cost, and the additional charges for the extended hours including the charges related to travel mileage if applicable. The designated driver should be included and in case he won’t show up there should be a replacement driver. Lastly, before signing the agreements, do some research and read reviews about the company’s credibility. Check all documents if the drivers are properly licensed.

Book a wedding coach that will provide most of the transportation needs that you think you must have on your wedding day. If possible, book a transportation service you previously signed a contract with on your limousine or party bus ride.


Your wedding day doesn’t only mean a lot to you but also to your guests. So treat your guests as if they are as special as your family. If you picked the wrong wedding coach, you will surely get disappointed and I’m sure your guests will do too. Think of about it, they have traveled a long way just to witness your marriage. It will be frustrating if they will only arrive late because of the transportation you have prepared for them. I hope this article helps you avoid those stressful complications on your wedding day.