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Homecoming Tips

Homecoming Tips to Prepare for an Amazing Night

It feels like just yesterday that prom season was in full swing, which
makes it hard to believe that homecoming is just right around the corner.
However, if you have a teen that’s already talking about the event,
then you know that preparations begin early. The fact is that with students
back to school, time flies and now is the perfect time to get a head start
on helping your teen plan for homecoming before the clock strikes at the
last minute.

There’s a lot of details to consider, but from a parental point of
view, few are as important as homecoming transportation. We’ve
prepared a few homecoming tips to help you plan for the upcoming event.

The Basic Details

Before you begin to inquire about limousine rentals, it’s smart to
have a few basic details set into place. For example, how many guests will
be using the limousine service. The number of friends that will be
traveling to and from homecoming together will help determine what size
vehicle you’ll need. A group of 8 would be perfectly comfortable in a
stretch limousine, but double that number and you’ll want to look
into a party bus for maximum comfort and amenities.

Set an Itinerary

Most people begin checking online and calling about limousine rentals well
before they’re actually ready to make their reservation. Keep in mind
that during peak seasons – like homecoming – luxury
transportation gets booked up quickly. It’s a great idea to shop
around and look at your options, but you don’t want to be too
leisurely with the process.

This means that you’ll need at least a preliminary itinerary for the
evening. What time is the dance? Will you be going to dinner or stopping to
take pictures beforehand? What about after-party events? Knowing these
details will ensure that your driver arrives on time for you to enjoy every
minute stress free.

Contracts and Rules

It’s important when reserving your limo or party bus that you ask
questions and make sure that you’re aware of any rules and
stipulations in the contract. For example, at what point might you be
charged an additional cleaning fee, or what are the guidelines for
decorating the limo or party bus. What are the rules about extra passengers
or changing the itinerary at the last minute? What are the penalties for
last minute cancelation? The bottom line is that additional charges can
quickly add up and add an unwanted sticker shock to the final bill.
It’s important to read the contract thoroughly and understand the
rules before signing on the dotted line.

Start Early

Think you have plenty of time before you need to worry about reserving your
homecoming transportation? The big night isn’t as far away as you
think it is, and each day you wait can increase the chance that you
won’t be able to secure the ride of your dreams for your homecoming
event. We’re here to help you find the perfect luxury transportation
and answer all your questions. Contact Dream Limousines
today to learn more.