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Explore Historic Detroit

Explore the Beauty of Historic Detroit with a Luxury Town Car Service

In recent years, Detroit has undergone a revitalization. With so many new
businesses and traffic coming into the city, it’s easy to get lost in
everything that’s new and “shiny”. However, a big part of
Detroit’s charm is its history. Every block on every street is filled
with its own stories to tell, and many of the original buildings and
structures that have stood through Detroit’s numerous transformations
still stand tall today.

When was the last time you spent a day or evening exploring Detroit and the
beautiful architecture within the city? If you’re looking for daytime
adventure or an idea for a classy date night, we suggest reserving a limo
or town car service and take a tour that will have you falling in love with
historic Detroit. Here are a few historic destinations you don’t want
to miss.

Towers of Impressive Stature

A tour of historic Detroit makes it easy to envision the bustling epicenter
of culture and growth that existed years before its current revitalization.
Evidence of this can be found in the many tall, towering structures
throughout the city. Not only were these towers impressive for the time
they were built, but the architecture of each building is simply
breathtaking. To witness the grandeur for yourself, make sure to add the
Cadillac Tower, Broderick Tower, Fisher Building and the Ford Building to
your list.

Theatrical and Musical Glamour

Detroit is a city that’s known for producing some of the 20 th century’s greatest musicians. From soulful blues to
rock and hip-hop, the musical culture of the “D” has never
really died down. Instead, it has remained alive and pulsing behind the

A tour of historic Detroit will provide you with the opportunity to see
first hand where some of the biggest names in music got their start –
even though some of the venues are no longer open to the public. Still,
this is only part of Detroit’s entertainment culture. There are also
prominent theaters and performing arts centers throughout the city. Be sure
to check out the Adams Theatre, the Grand Ballroom, the Detroit Opera
House, Vanity Ballroom and the Fox Theatre.

Majestic Churches

It can be argued that some of the most stunning architecture in all of
Detroit can be found in the city’s churches. It’s been rumored
that Detroit has more churches per square mile than any other city in the
nation. We don’t know if that’s true, but we’re not going
to pass up a chance to tour the town and find out. Witness the historic
beauty for yourself by stopping at the Woodward Avenue Baptist Church, the
Trinity Lutheran Church, the St. Patrick Catholic Church and the Rosa L.
Parks Freedom Chapel.

Where to Begin?

Honestly, there’s so much to historic Detroit that it’s
impossible to see it all in one trip. If you’re interested in an
experience like no other, contact Dream Limousines
and let us help you plan your visit to the past with a luxury town car
service. Contact us today to learn more.