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4 Things You Can Expect with Your Luxury Limousine Rental

Long gone are the days when luxury transportation was reserved for the rich
and famous. Today, limo rentals are budget friendly and available for just
about any occasion you can imagine. Still, renting a limousine or party bus
is something that’s often reserved for special occasions, which means
that most people are unfamiliar with what to expect when they contact a
limousine company.

To take a bit of the mystery out of the process, here are 4 tips for what
to expect with a luxury limo rental.


Today, most limousine companies offer a fleet of luxury vehicles with
amenities focused on comfort and pleasure. That said, not all limousines
are created the same, and the quality of amenities that you’ll find
will vary across the board. This is one reason why quality and reputation
are so important in choosing a limousine company to work with. Why settle
for ho-hum amenities when you can have an experience that knocks you off
your feet?

You should expect luxury amenities like lush, comfortable upholstery and
climate control to make your ride more enjoyable. Many of the top limo
rentals also include state of the art sound systems and at least one
bar/refreshment area. Depending on the vehicle you choose there may also be
televisions, and special lighting features.

Courtesy and Etiquette

When you rent a limousine, you should expect the driver to exit the vehicle
and open the door for you every time you exit or enter the vehicle. Your
professional driver will also help with packages and luggage that you may
be carrying. While they provide this service to you, it’s important
to keep in mind that you should set reasonable expectations and make
mention ahead of time if you’ll require help with lifting or
transporting any items or packages that are large or exceptionally heavy.

Curbside Service

During the duration of rental service, your driver will be available to
transport and pick you up from every destination. While there may be an
agreed upon itinerary, accommodations can often be made for last minute
changes of plans within the service area. One of the best perks of renting
a limo is knowing that no matter what, your vehicle and driver is waiting
right outside. You should never have to wait around for your driver or walk
a distance to reach your vehicle – even in congested areas.

Safety and Professionalism

This where taking some time to research the limousine company you choose to
rent from is extremely important. You have every right to expect the person
responsible for your transportation to act professional with a focus on
your personal safety at all times. This means that they won’t
accommodate requests for breaking any traffic laws – like speeding or
breaking the rules of traffic in construction zones. Likewise,
they’ll also stand firm on upholding company policies, for instance
mandatory seat restraints in young children or allowing the use of illegal
substances in the vehicle.

Let Us Help Answer Your Questions

We know that if this is your first time reserving luxury transportation
that you have lots of questions. We’re here to answer them for you
and connect you with the luxury vehicle that best suits your needs and the
occasion. Contact Dream Limousine to
learn more.