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Underclassmen, Are You Ready for Homecoming?

Welcome to the new school year! You’re ready to start fresh, and while you may have hated to see your summer adventures come to an end, there’s a part of you that feels pretty excited about heading to high school.

With high school comes new challenges, new friends and of course, homecoming. With the increasing pressures of finding dates and coming up with unique ‘proposals’ for those dates, you may already be feeling overwhelmed. The good news is, we’re here to help. Here are three ways Dream Limo can help you through this homecoming season in style.

Creative Dream Limo Proposals

You’ve watched the videos online, and some of these other high schoolers really have mad skills when it comes to cool proposals. Where do they come up with these genius ideas? What kind of proposal can you do? Or better yet, do you have a date? Don’t stress. You still have time to figure out who you plan to ask.

When you’re ready though, let us help with your proposal and surprise your special friend with a drive-up invitation to homecoming! Imagine the look on your special friend’s face when you pull up with your sign and invitation, in one of our stretch SUVs! For those of you more interested in going as a group of friends, don’t feel left out. You can make your own group video message with your friends and one of our limos!

Dream Limo Ultimate Transportation

If you’re not sure you’re all that into the proposal brainstorming just yet, but know for sure you need something cool to pick you up and get you to homecoming, look no further. Whether you need a traditional and classy stretch limo sedan escort, the smooth, stretch sport utility ride or want the ‘big boy’ ultimate party bus, you’ll be guaranteed to make an entrance like no other. What’s great about our service, we’ll pick you up, hang with you as long as you need us to and make all those preliminary required pit-stops including dinner, and venues for the photographers and the moms to take pictures.

Remember, taking care of your transportation to, from and everywhere in between is what we do best. We’ll make sure you look awesome doing it too!

The Underclassmen’s Best Friend for Homecoming

Chances are, those classmates ahead of you, already have their plans lined out for homecoming. That’s ok for them. They’ve been through it before.

For those who are either freshmen (and totally rookies at this whole high school adventure) or sophomores and still a little newer to high school, don’t stress. We might just be your best friend in getting ready for homecoming. We’ve been through it before too, which means we can probably answer all your questions about creating the best time for you, your date and your friends this year.

If you’re not sure what you want, what you need, or what limos and party buses cost, give us a call! We can walk you through the transportation planning process and talk to you about what other underclassmen have done in the past. Many times, larger groups get together and split the costs, making it super affordable to make that grand entrance!

Visit us on the web and take a look at our sweet rides. We can meet with you and set up a time for you and your friends to come and see for yourself. Homecoming may seem a little ways away yet, but the smart underclassmen start hunting now. Don’t wait until the last minute to decide and maybe miss the opportunity to score the most fun transportation! Contact us today!