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Group Of Sports Fans Tailgating In Stadium Car Park

Big Game Tailgating With Dream Limousines

For sports and football fans, one of the best parts of following these activities live and in-person is participating in the rivalries that exist between teams. Given divisional competitions in the NFL, a long-standing feud between Army and Navy players, some of our favorite competitions are unfolding when our Big Ten teams will face off in a couple of classics including:

  • Saturday, November 16th when Michigan State Spartans will be at Michigan Wolverines with the time still TBD
  • At high noon on Saturday, November 30th, Ohio State Buckeyes will be playing at The Big House in Ann Arbor

While many people root for their own college alma mater teams, those where family members or friends attend these schools, the long-standing feud between the Buckeyes and Wolverines dates back over a hundred years. Some say the bad blood between Ohio and Michigan is one of the greatest sports rivalries in the history of the game with a total of 19 championship titles between the two teams.

Rival Football Facts

When the Buckeyes and Wolverines meet on November 30th, 2019, this will mark the 115th time these two teams have faced off on a football field. Their first game on October 16, 1897, ended with a shut-out performance by the Michigan players who tromped over the Ohioans 34-0 with the Wolverines scoring all their points during the first half of the game.

They wouldn’t play together again until 1900 when the game ended in a scoreless result of 0-0 and speaking of ties, these two teams managed to walk away without a victory over one another on a total of six different occasions. The same scores from these two teams in 1973 were the only bad marks on both of their records during their nearly undefeated season.

Three Historic Tailgating Tales

If fans of the pregame tradition of tailgating believe this practice has origins associated with the hinged partition found at the rear of a pickup truck, this concept may or may not be accurate. Depending on which of these three stories you believe, its roots may stem from either:

  1. The first college football game ever played between Rutgers and Princeton in 1869 when spectators grilled sausages at the “tail end” of their horses.
  2. A game at Yale played in 1904 brought many fans to the field via a train and they were quite famished after the trip so spectators were sure to bring food and beverages to be enjoyed prior to the start of future matchups – but this doesn’t have any tie to the title of tailgating.
  3. Back in 1919, Green Bay Packers lay claim to the term when fans would back up their trucks around the field, fold-down their tailgates for seating while eating their favorite foods and imbibing the best beverages.

For professional football fans, The Bleacher Report claims more fans of the Lions are partying and tailgating in the streets of Detroit rather than in the stadium’s parking lot due to a lack of space. This is a good reason why many spectators rely on the Dream Limousine’s Shuttle Service to attend NFL games at Ford Field.

Legendary Transportation Options

Today’s tailgaters use many types of transportation to celebrate their teams playing prior to kickoff from pickup trucks to recreational vehicles and even one of our stylish, stretch sedans from our luxury line of automobiles. Another excellent option is to load up your entire crew in one of our roomy and affordable party buses to safely delivery everyone to the big game.

Regardless of where you’ll be sitting inside the stands, if you’re planning on attending one of the big games at the Michigan Stadium, you can get the best seat in the whole parking lot when booking with Dream Limousine. Forget about the responsibility of ensuring you have a DD (designated driver) in place and wandering around the lot looking for your car. We’ll take care of everything in the driver’s seat so you and the gang can enjoy both tailgating and the big game.