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The True Value Inside Renting a Limousine in Metro Detroit

The greater Metro Detroit area is world-renowned for a number of different reasons and almost everyone has heard the nickname “The Motor City.” However, many aren’t aware of other types of transportation-related trivia tidbits tied to this high-traffic town in Southeastern Michigan. Detroit got this iconic name for a reason since it was home to the first mile of paved highway, had the first four-way, three-color traffic light installed and the world’s first urban freeway.

Since transportation has been such an important part of Detroit’s history it’s not a big stretch to question the value behind renting a limousine for traveling through this region. Once reserved only for special occasions, similar to the cost of technology dropping as it continues to expand, the price tag of hiring a limo has also come down significantly over the years.

More Options Available

Again, using the tech comparison with a myriad of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices available to users, there are many more options available when it comes to quality transportation when renting these luxury rides. Think of it this way, once upon a time limos were only available in “stretch” varieties and now there’s a whole fleet of choices including:

  • Today’s modern party buses will comfortably accommodate up to 40 people with big-screen TVs, BlueTooth audio capability and a long list of accouterments for these mobile celebrations
  • Traditional stretch limos are still amazing, but updated versions like lengthy SUVs are a rising trend in this market

And speaking of more traditional limousines, these vehicles have come a long way in terms of amenities, appearances on both in the interior and exterior of these luxury automobiles. Similar to party buses, riders are being treated to superior sound systems, flat-screen televisions, LED mood lighting and more.

More Dependable

While the popularity of ride-sharing apps continues to rise, so do the number of unpleasant and unfortunate incidents associated with these experiences and encounters. While these options are less expensive, they also come with drivers who should be licensed and insured, they’re not trained at the same level as professional limousine drivers.

This type of training includes a special Chauffeur License that includes a number of rigorous requirements specifically designed for the safety of passengers. In a similar fashion, limousines are also checked annually by local government officials and daily by limo companies for the same reasons along with ensuring these vehicles are being properly maintained for reliability.

More Time

When renting a taxi or using a ride-sharing app, as the saying goes, tick-tock, tick-tock, which means riders are always on the clock and these costs can add up quickly. Sometimes there are unexpected traffic jams, roadway construction and their resulting detours that are out of everyone’s control making a short ride a real budget buster. There are also mileage charges added to the equation which may lead to some significant sticker shock at the end of a trip.

When renting a limousine, the time and mileage charges are all set in stone as part of the package. There’s no second-guessing what the total will be at the end of an outing outside of a potential gratuity given to the driver. The term “you get what you pay for” comes into play in these types of circumstances.

More Trustworthy

Committed to finding local residents the best vendors in their community, Expertise researched nearly 250 limousine providers in Detroit to find the top 20 providers. They scored limo services using 25 variables across five different categories including availability, credibility, experience, price, and professionalism to find Dream Limousine among the best-of-the-best in Detroit.

Expertise pointed out the Dream Team as having superior chauffeurs, a winner of the Detroit A-List and belongs to The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame. To see how affordable this option is, get a fast, free quote today. We take great pride in affordable ways we deliver our passengers safely to their desired destinations in style and comfort.