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Prom Limousine cost

How Much Does Renting a Prom Limousine Cost?

(Updated February 2, 2020) If you are wondering why limousine rental is expensive, watch this slideshow:

And most limo companies had to modify their limo to please the clients and that also includes the maintenance and checkups but that won’t be our problem. Since the limo business grew there have been lots of competitors and each has to drop down the rates and offer more benefits for the clients to enjoy.

The prices vary to the occasion and to every season so when it’s prom season, expect that these companies will offer discounts and packages that surely you can everybody can afford.

But don’t rush into renting just yet! You should know how to deal with these companies when trying to rent a Prom Limousine for your upcoming prom.

Planning the right ride for prom

Whenever inquiring for a quote, you must ask yourself these questions:

What type of prom limo do I need?

  • The style
  • The size
  • The amenities

Am I paying the whole rent?

  • Share the fee with the partner
  • Split it in a group

When and where do I need the limo?

  • Exact time and date of the Prom
  • Time of pick up and drop off
  • Venue of the prom
  • Pick up and drop off locations
  • Side Trips

What else do I need on the way to prom and on the way home?

  • Amenities
  • Freebies
  • Services

By answering these following questions, you can build up inquiries and rebuttals when asking for the discounts and packages later.

Start off by searching for ratings and reviews online, look for limo companies in your area and start listing down limo companies that offer discounts and packages with ratings passed above 4 stars and with positive reviews. Make sure you get the addresses and the phone numbers.

Try visiting the websites too if you still have time, look for the section that shows prom limo packages and pricing. They will show you photos of the vehicle types alongside is the details of each vehicle.

Second, confirm the number of people that you will be traveling within the limo. Once you do, it is time to choose which limousines you were interested in that matches with the passenger capacity.

After that start calling the phone numbers of the limo companies, you can find to confirm the availability and quote. If you are not satisfied, schedule a date to visit the showrooms and see the vehicles yourself or along with your group.

If you want to decide for yourself without the help from your parents, you should watch this video for some cool tips when searching for a prom limo:

According to TalkLocal, the price range estimate when choosing a prom ride is this:

Type Cost Per Hour Maximum Occupancy
Your Car FREE 2-4
SUV $75 4-6
Limo $130 6-10
Party Bus $170 ~24
Stretched Hummer $185 20
Vintage Rolls Royce $200 2

Not all companies have the same vehicle available so it’s better to personality contact them regarding the availability.

If you are planning on traveling in a far distance with the limo or have made plans on picking up people individually, it may cost extra because of the gas expenses and longer travel times. The cost per person will also change depending on the amount of people you’re willing to travel with you in the limo. As previously stated, be cautious about trying to overfill a limo as, often times, a 10-person limo refers to 10 small or average-sized people sitting closely together. You may want to subtract 1 or 2 people from the maximum number of occupants, depending on the size of the people and how comfortable you want to be during the ride.

Types of Fees Cost
Service 20%
Driver Tip 10%
Administrative 10%
Fuel 5-10%
Outside of Range Varies
Tolls Varies
Stop $15-30 per stop
Overtime 50-100%

Also, TalkLocal stated that, when budgeting and trying to calculate your final price, don’t forget these common fees. Many companies charge a 20% service fee, which usually covers a 10% tip for the driver and a 10% for administration costs. There’s usually a fuel fee as well, which is anywhere between 5% and 10%. Companies also charge extra if they leave the designated area in which they service. If any of your destinations require a toll, expect to be charged for that as well. Some companies even go so far as to charge a per-stop fee, usually $15-30. One fee that you can avoid, however, is one for overtime. The price for going overtime varies by company but is usually 50-100% more than the hourly rate.

Type 4-Hour Rental 6-Hour Rental
SUV $435 $622.50
Limo $710 $1,035
Party Bus $910 $1,335
Stretched Hummer $985 $1,447.50
Vintage Rolls Royce $1,060 $1,560

Note: The prices in this table are based on the times shown, a 20% service charge, 5% fuel fee, and 3 stops at $20 each. This table is only a guide and prices may vary depending on local market pricing, taxes, tips, etc.

Some of the additional fees you should be aware of:

Aside from the actual amount, additional fees may incur in your bill (or credit card if you’re using one) after the ride is complete.

In this list are the commonly charged additional fees in most of the limo companies:

Parking Fees

Parking fees are typically incurred in places does not have a waiting lot or for any requested stop where free parking is not available.


Stops are typically calculated based on 10 minutes of waiting time. If your stops take longer or deviate from the original itinerary in your contract, the total time of your ride may be converted to hourly pricing. These unplanned stops during the ride will be billed to you at the stop rate for the ride depending on the selected vehicle and may have some additional.

Wait Time

Wait time incurs after every 15 minutes from the scheduled pick up time, and is typically billed in 15-minute increments or may be totaled in an hourly rate depending on the company’s terms.


The tolls’ pricing is based on pick up and drop off locations provided. Tolls are often not included in the pricing and mostly billed for any incurred toll charges after the ride is complete.

Fuel Surcharges

Usually, fuel surcharges are applied when the usage of the vehicle is inconsistent with typical limo service. These fuel surcharges are typically communicated prior to the event or type, however, deviating from the specified itinerary or special requests made while in the vehicle may require a fuel surcharge.

Cleaning Fees

Cleaning fees may be charged whenever there’s activity inside the vehicle that leaves a residual odor or stains in either the carpet or upholstery these include but not limited to cigarette smoking, spilled drinks and foods or foods with a heavy odor and vomit.

Repair Fees

Repair fees may be charged when there’s physical damage caused to the vehicle including but not limited to rips and tears in the carpet, upholstery, or the other interior; damage to moldings, door panels or other components may be charged at a higher cost.

Extra Mileage/Surcharges

Additional miles/kilometers are charged for mileage beyond the base rate. Rates may vary by state and operator. It’s always best to ask the limo company beforehand.

Extra Hours

Additional hours outside the originally quoted ride duration may be billed at the extra hour rate for the type of ride selected. The extra hours are typically associated with hourly services and will incur from the originally scheduled end time.

If you do not start your ride on time, but the driver already arrives on the scheduled time and you retain the vehicle at the original number of hours requested, extra hours may also incur.


It’s always best to check proper documentation before renting out a limo. Review the contract, agreements, and licenses before even signing the contract.

Remember that the price quoted for your ride is based on your package and requested duration. If possible, book at the earliest time when it’s not yet prom season then try to ask the companies for any upcoming promos that you may avail before others do.

When renting in groups, share this information with them so you can all decide on your budget and plan it out a solution on how to lessen the cost of the ride.

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Moreover, just always remember to have some fun on the prom night!