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Choosing a Large Group Transport

When planning an event there are aspects you need to consider to have a successful event by the end of the day. But most importantly, a successful event can actually be determined by your guests’ impression. One of those important aspects that often overlooked by organizers and host is the transportation.

This is a video by Richard Fertig that talks about the importance planning and execution of an event transportation:

The success of the event lies in a detailed and careful planning of an event. The bigger the event, the more important the role of planning becomes. Whatever event you are having you can’t simply take transportation plans lightly. Especially, when it’s a special event like the wedding day.

A large group transportation can be suitable for weddings, anniversaries, retirement dinners, holiday parties, corporate events or group tours. Regardless of the kind of event, hiring a large group transportation plan is important to have a successful event at the end of the day.

But before doing so, you plan should include acquiring:

  • Transportation company’s background and details
  • Proof of permit to operate and business licenses issued by the government
  • Drivers drug test result, performance, and background check
  • Reviews and current testimonials
  • Credible insurance policy

Company’s background and details

When looking for a transportation company to hire, it is always best to sort out all possible companies you can find in your area that are reputable. Acquire as much details as you can and check the company’s credibility. This way you can be sure that you are creating a list of the best transportation companies that are very well-experienced in the industry.

You also need to ensure that the company can provide you with the right vehicles for the event and they are capable of transporting your guests comfortably in designated locations within the duration or for as long as you needed.

Permit to operate and licenses

You have the right to ask for permits and licenses. This will help you determine the credibility and reliability of the transportation company plus it ensures you and your safety from fly-by-night businesses and legal issues.

Drivers drug test result, performance, and background check

You can ask the company staff for the drivers’ license and profile for you to check. Settle for drivers that weren’t involved in any accidents due to negligence or any criminal acts against the past clients.

References, testimonials, and reviews

It is a good idea to ask any representative to provide references and testimonials that can attest to the company’s quality service. You may search for company reviews over the internet (business directory sites like Yelp or YellowPages, for example, are the best sites to check for reviews and ratings) or through recommendation and referrals.

Insurance Policy

Check the company if they provide proper insurance for their clients, ask for valid proof and copy of the insurance certificate before even signing any contract. Usually, the minimum liability it covers is around 4 to 5 million dollars. A company that doesn’t have any insurance may be fined or get their vehicles impounded.


Once you have finally decided which company you should hire, you should be aware of your group’s size. See the vehicles for yourself if you must, even the best transportation company receives negative reviews. Consider your location and the kind of event you are having then decide which vehicles you are going to hire for that day and how many times it travels to pick up and drop off your guests.

Always acknowledge your guests’ expectations. Most companies have a wider range of selection but may not serve your needs. That is why you have to plan for it carefully even if it takes a lot of time. The best pattern there is to find is the availability, cost, reputation and service before you conclude to your final decision.

I hope this article serves you well in finding the right transportation that will help you achieve your overall goal.