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Hire A Corporate Limo Service for Your Business

Whether you have to host a big corporate event in another state or you have clients coming in from out of the state, you have to arrange and prepare everything from meals to meetings, accommodation up to the transportation. Focusing on preparing for it can be a lot to do to consider you are already on a tight schedule.

Just like the video above. You should agree, it’s funny but it’s also a situation you don’t want to get stuck into when you’re out in another state on a business trip or places you are not familiar with. This is where corporate limousine companies come in. It is always best to hire a corporate limo that will pick you up the airport and can drive you around the city or anywhere you have planned to go.

Here are 4 reasons why you should hire a corporate limo service for your business:

Professional limousine drivers know the area

Professional limousine drivers take pride themselves on being able to make these decisions in choosing the right road to take to ensure that you or the clients can arrive on time or drop off at the exact destination. They have the advantages of knowing when the peak traffic occurs, the best route or how long it will take to get from one place to another.

Safe working environment for you and your clients
Phone calls, emails, web meetings and even preparation of documents can all be accomplished in the backseat of a limousine. This will allow you or your client to be more productive while you’re on your way to the venue. It prevents business people who are busy from having a dead time driving around and figuring which directions should be best to get to the venue on time.

Impress your clients

When picking a client up from the airport or from the train station, a limousine makes a really great first impression by showing and treating them as a very important guest. The client will also know that they will be safely dropped off to their hotel or meeting venue. There are other impressions it can give:

    • It allows you or your client to feel comfortable after a long and tiring ride or flight.
    • It will be greatly appreciated to have a reliable and a hassle-free transportation around town.
    • It shows courtesy to provide or be provided with a ride that is very important when in a special event, corporate meeting or conference.

Hiring is easy and flexible

Limousine services have no limits on where you or your clients stays or meet. Distance might be daunting for unfamiliar travelers but there’s nothing to worry about getting lost or even parking. It is highly unlikely that there will not be one available when needed. Additionally, booking and reservations can be made either through online or by phone.

Costs to rent a limousine usually are based on these factors:

  • Size and type of vehicle
  • Day of the week
  • Time of the year
  • Company’s Policies and Procedures
  • Company’s hourly rental estimate

The size of the limousine and the amount of passengers in your party will determine the price of your rental estimate. Here are a few limousine rental estimates based on nationwide averages.

 Limousine Style Comfortable Passenger Capacity  Estimated Average Rates
Luxury Sedans 3 $30-$55 per hour + gratuity
 Six-Passenger Limousines  4 $30-$65 per hour + gratuity
Eight-Passenger Limousines 6 to 7 $50-$85 per hour + gratuity
Ten-Passenger Limousines 8 to 9 $60-$100 per hour + gratuity
Twelve-Passenger Limousines 10 to 11 $85-$120 per hour + gratuity
Fourteen-Passenger Limousines 12 to 13 $95-$150 per hour + gratuity
Exotic Limousines (Rolls Royce, Bentley) Varies  Varies
Stretch Hummers Varies $125-$300 per hour + gratuity
Stretch SUV Varies $125-$200 per hour + gratuity
Limo-Coaches (Limo style mini-bus) Varies $100-$175 per hour + gratuity
Motor Coach (Concert Style Party Bus Varies Varies

Please note: Gratuity is based on a country average of 20% of the limousine rental.

Additional fee may vary depending on the limousine company agreement such as stops, tolls, wait time, parking or wait hours, meet and greet, extra mileage and fuel surcharges, repair or cleaning fees and the list goes on but you can actually recognize that upon booking.

Tips on how to book a corporate limousine service:

When you have an upcoming corporate event and have included a plan of hiring a limousine service, here are the things you have to consider before booking:

  • Research on limousine service company. If you are hosting an event or meeting in your area, try calling around for suggestions, referrals, or opinions. If you are visiting or not familiar with the place, you can look for limousine service companies’ directory and websites over the internet. Try getting as many reviews and recommendations and weigh them by calling them for quotes and availability.
  • Check licenses and insurance.  Aside from doing a background check about the company, prices, and packages, you should also need to check the credibility of the company. Ask for their licensing and insurance as well as the driver’s background and license to make sure you or your clients are traveling in safe hands.
  • Set up a corporate account. Even if you only have one major event, or several trips every year, setting up a corporate account with a limousine service company is the best way to do it. You can establish a long-term relationship with a company and benefit from it. Corporate accounts are usually a priority and you may also get discount and promos updated to you every once in a while.
  • Book a limousine early. You may need one or multiple vehicles for a corporate event or meeting but it is imperative that you book as early as possible to ensure you are able to be provided with the right vehicle and enough drivers for a certain event.


What you really don’t want to do is put the rest of your business or your clients trip in jeopardy because you’ll suffer even more when things won’t go according to plan because of you have overlooked certain details in your transportation option.

I hope you find this article helpful for you next business meeting or business trip. Keep safe and always remember to hire a reliable limousine service company to avoid all the hassles along the way.