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Treat Yourself to the Ultimate Day of Pampering with a Luxury Limo Service

Life is hectic, so every once in a while, it’s nice to take a day to relax, decompress and recharge. Admit it, you’re long overdue for a little “me” time, so why not cross everything off your calendar for one day and focus on a little luxurious self-care? A day of pampering is just what you need, and we have a few ideas to make it extra special.

Start with Luxury Limo Service

Why should you reserve a luxury limo service for your day of pampering? Because your worth it. When was the last time that you allowed yourself to fully indulge in luxury? Our guess is that it’s been way too long. When you rent a limo for your special “me” time, you’ll be indulged in the ultimate in comfort, class and luxury. Still, that’s not the only reason to rent a limo for your day of pampering. There’s a few reasons that will also appeal to your more practical side.

Like traffic. The goal is to relax and unwind, yet there are few things more frustrating that traffic. Whether it’s getting caught in traffic, dealing with frenzied drivers or just trying to find a parking spot, the simple act of driving somewhere can put a damper on your carefree day. When you rent a limo, you have none of these worries. Your driver will meet you at the door,  and make sure you arrive at each of your destinations safe and relaxed.

Planning Your Day of Pampering

Once you’ve reserved your luxury transportation the only thing left to do is plan your day. Not sure where to begin? Here are a few ideas.

Relax at the Spa

What better way to start off your special day than a visit to one of the Detroit area’s world class spas? Start by booking an appointment at the Woodhouse Day Spa or the Immerse Spa in the MGM Grand Detroit. Sit back and enjoy the full experience, from a pedicure or facial to a relaxing massage with rich, exotic oils that will melt away your stress.

Retail Therapy

Once you’re completely relaxed from your spa visit, it’s time to venture out for a little retail therapy. It doesn’t matter what kind of a shopping mood you’re in, Detroit has options to please your every whim. From the eclectic shops of the Downtown District where you’ll find one of a kind treasures to the boutiques in Midtown Detroit and the nearby malls, you can spend an entire afternoon browsing and shopping to your heart’s content. Plus, since your limo will be waiting right outside, there’s no worry about lugging your packages around all day.


Don’t forget to pamper yourself and refuel with a special lunch or dinner at one of the Detroit area’s top restaurants. Whether you’re looking for something quiet with a hint of a romantic atmosphere, or if colorful and upbeat is your thing, Detroit’s dining options don’t disappoint. Can’t pick a spot? Why not have an appetizer at one restaurant, an entre at another and then finish off at a third spot with an amazing dessert? This is your day, so you can do anything you want.

A day of pampering is long overdue, so why wait a minute more? Contact Dream Limousines today and let us help plan your special day of pampering with a luxury car limo service. Go ahead, you’re worth it.

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