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5 Safety Standards You Need to Consider Before Hiring a Limousine Service

If you are traveling a long way away from home or even in just around the state of Michigan, you must always choose a limousine service that offers best Safety Standards and assurance. In that way, you can enjoy celebrating an event or simply travel without worrying about transportation especially when traveling in Detroit.

You can relax, have fun and feel comfortable knowing that you are going to have a secure riding experience wherever you go. But you should know that you can only get the most out it when you hire the right limousine service company. You don’t want to get stranded on the road if your vehicle breaks down or get involve in an accident and regret everything later.

Your purpose for hiring a limousine service is to get to your destination safely on time, and by hiring an upscale limousine the best choice. You can rely on them pick you up and drop you off on time, and still be able to get you to your destination with ease. You will not have to stress over learning directions. There are lots of benefits when you choose a qualified limousine service company.

Safety Standards

The 5 Safety Standards You ask for before hiring a limousine service company

Safety #1: Professionally Trained Drivers

All you need is to ensure you have a professionally trained driver gives you the overall safety and satisfaction standard.

The best thing about hiring a limousine service is that you will not have to drive. You pay to win time and have fun going from one place to the other. Entertain your guest and have a drink without worrying about driving at all.

A professional limousine driver must hold a current driver identification card and a valid license for the class of vehicle he is driving. It may not be necessary but you may also ask for a copy of an endorsement, employment record on file, or work permit.

A defensive training certificate is also a plus if you are traveling on a business or in an evening event. But something that I personally require is a driver that knows a basic first-aid application.

Safety #2: Reliable Transportation

Most of the companies offer safe to travel on top of everything. Limousine Service Companies in Detroit are competitive when it comes comfort and elegance but safety always comes first.

Limousine Service Companies should have recordkeeping of inspections, repairs, and maintenance so you can always have a glance at it to see if they are keeping everything current.

And if the company has features such as,

  • The safety design features
  • Stability and structural strength
  • Safety equipment

Safety #3: Safe Driving Policy/Standard

Heavy Traffic can be anywhere so it’s important that the company and driver know every traffic conditions, and avoid speeding ticket or even collision at all times.

Every designated driver must possess an excellent work ethics that avoids DUI and bad temperament. A limousine Service Company must designate a driver that can drive you around town or anywhere with ease. You can’t always count that the drivers are to follow traffic rules and can offer excellent services.

What you can possibly do is check the driver’s employment and working history. Drivers with previous issues with client and record of road rage and DUI can be dangerous to have behind the wheel so make sure you do know the skill of the driver designated to you based on his track record.

You may also ask for the company’s rules and regulations that involve the driver’s duty status to see if it makes you feel comfortable or not. Suggest certain rules you want to be applied during your trip if you think you must.

Safety #4: Insurance

When travel the closest assurance you can get is through a travel insurance that a company offers. An accident may happen even to those experienced and trained drivers so when that unfortunate event happens. You must have something to show so you compensate in case an accident occurs.

What you should think about when safety is involved is that a company can offer an insurance. These give you an assurance that they will take good care of you and your safety during your travel.

Limousine Service Companies must meet high safety standard before being issued a license and it also requires them to issue an insurance to the passengers. Ask for it and maybe a copy along with the contract to see if it is valid and current.

Safety #5: Sign a Contract

Always read the contract when hiring a Limousine Service Company. You should have a copy of the contract, licenses, and insurance. You may find it useful later on.

What should consumers look for in a Limousine Service company?

This is an outlined summary from Michigan Department of Transportation:

  • Operators must be licensed by Michigan Department of Transportation or MDOT
    • Must carry a sufficient liability insurance
    • and undergo an annual safety inspection on all their vehicles
  • To see if a company is insured and licensed
  • A certificate of authority issued by the Michigan Department of Transportation
    • Must be permanently displayed on the left side, rear-most window.
  • A limo driver must keep a current copy of his/her driving record available for review by any passenger.
  • Consumers should check references, and if possible, visit the company and look at the vehicles.


Regardless of which Limousine Service Company you decide to hire, the safety standard should be your main concern. Before signing a contract, think about how safety over the amount you pay because even if you’re out on a holiday or on a vacation, you can never enjoy a travel if you worry too much about your safety.

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