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A Short Guide to Help You Choose the Best Limousine Service for Your Wedding

You’ve thought of everything— the venue, food, flowers, invitations— and then you suddenly have a revelation.  You can’t plan such a romantic, intimate wedding and not have the proper transportation in place. You need a limousine to get your wedding party from points A, B, and C.  And most important, to sweep you and your newlywed spouse off into wedded bliss away after you finally say, “I do.”

Choosing the perfect wedding limousine service may initially seem difficult, but with a few considerations, which we’ve outlined in this short guide, you’ll find it to be one of the easiest things to tackle on your seemingly never-ending “to do” list.

The Importance of a Reputable Wedding Limo Rental Service 

It’s important that you choose a reputable, trustworthy wedding limo service when booking your wedding limousine. Choosing a sketchy or unknown company can – and often does – lead to disaster. Less prestigious limo services don’t always have clean vehicles, knowledgeable drivers or guarantee punctuality.  And the last thing you want is to be late to your own wedding!

A respectable limo service will provide a spotless car, with a courteous driver who arrives on time.  Choose a company that maintains a sizeable fleet of luxury vehicles, has good customer reviews, and offers you a detailed, personal viewing of the limousine that will be used on your wedding day.

Transportation for You and Your Guests

Before choosing your wedding transportation service, you should decide exactly where you need transportation to, and who you need it for. In some cases, you may only need a limousine to transport you to and from your wedding, but a limousine is also a great way to ensure that you and your bridal party arrive at the same time. If you have a lot of guests coming from out of town or the venue has limited parking, you may want to have a limousine pick up your guests for convenience. Knowing exactly who you need to transport will help you decide which (and how many) limousines you need to book.

Choosing the Limousine Style That is Best for You

When choosing a vehicle for your wedding transportation needs, you want to consider:

  • How many guests you need transportation for
  • What body style matches your wedding aesthetics
  • What amenities you would like included in your limo package

Limousine models can fit anywhere from 6 to 35 guests, so knowing how many people you need to transport is a key component to choosing the best option.

For a classic wedding, you may want to consider a black sedan, while more luxurious events may be better suited with a white-bodied Chrysler 300. Viewing the vehicles in person will help you choose the model best for your wedding’s style.

Limousines are luxury vehicles, expert to ride in comfort.  And don’t forget to ask about amenities like charging docks, drink coolers, champagne buckets, and cup dispensers.  They may seem minor at the time, but will come in extremely handy on your big day.

Once you’ve detailed what you need, finding the perfect limousine for your wedding transportation is an easy task. At Dream Limousines, we offer a wide variety of luxury vehicles for all your transportation needs. Contact us today to learn more!