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How Detroit Wedding Planners Can Benefit with a Wedding Limo Package

Planning your wedding should be one of the happiest times of your life. Getting advice from experts will help you avoid mistakes. There are some decisions that will be guided by the budget available for the wedding and a honeymoon. Others are practical considerations like whether to hire a limousine for the day or drive your own car away from the wedding. Couples in Detroit, Michigan have some very nice options for their wedding venues and lino services.

Decide on a Budget For the Wedding and Honeymoon

Before doing any planning for your wedding, decide as a couple or a family how much money is available for the wedding. Sometimes the couple is paying for their own wedding. One very important consideration is how the wedding and honeymoon cost will impact the couple’s finances as they start their married life.

Since the wedding is all about starting the rest of your lives together as a couple, the budget should be realistic. Couples who are planning to purchase a home together and make other purchases to set up their home, need to hold back money to do that. It is very possible to have a lovely wedding and enjoyable honeymoon without breaking the bank and being saddled with debt for several years. This is where wedding planners come in.

Talk to a Wedding Planner

It helps to contact a wedding planner and ask them how much they can help you with your given planning budget. Ask for their fees for different services and decide how much of their help you can afford.

Have help from the very beginning of your wedding planning process for the most benefit. The wedding planner has experience with what works best and mistakes to avoid. They can also tell you what each part of the wedding will cost.

Some Guidance on Planning Your Wedding

  1. Set a realistic budget determined by the available money and stick to that budget.
  2. Sit down as a couple and decide on what things are most important for your wedding. Is the date most important? Because if so, you will need to find a venue available on that date. Is the location of the wedding a priority? Because you may need to adjust your wedding date to match available dates. Are the number of guests most important? Do you want a specific wedding band or photographer? Do you want certain foods served at the wedding reception? Decide together on priorities that make you both happy. It is important to have both partners involved in wedding planning.
  3. Decide what bridal style will make you happy. Research with bridal magazines and online resources to find ideas you like. Then, cut out or print out your favorite ideas and use them as a guide when choosing a wedding planner, venues, and potential vendors. This will help when you talk to a wedding planner. Part of this wedding style might include choosing a special theme for the wedding or reception. This is also the time to select the coordinated color scheme for the wedding. 
  4. Staying organized will help the wedding planning go smoothly. There are also wedding planning books and kits to purchase. I like the wedding planning books best because they provide a keepsake record of your wedding process.
  5. Make sure to create a master checklist and timeline as a guide of what to do when. This will help you get each task done on time and avoid getting overwhelmed.
  6. Choose several possible wedding dates to be flexible when booking the wedding venues and different vendors. The final wedding date should be one that you can find a venue for and that the guests will be able to attend. Some seasons and dates are more popular and harder to book as well as being more expensive. Choose the season you want. Is there a season that it is easier to get time off from work? Detroit Weddings may need to be planned around weather conditions.
  7. Think about an ideal site for your wedding. On-site weddings are held in churches, restaurants, hotels, or other wedding venues that have an on-site kitchen facility for the reception food. This makes planning easier. Off-site wedding locations such as parks, public beaches, open fields, and other locations where everything must be brought in require more planning and help. Catering services must be considered.
  8. When the budget and venue are set, start working on a guest list. The budget and size of the wedding location will determine how many guests can be invited. It is important for the couple and their close family members to work together to compile a guest list that is fair to both families. This is the time to decide whether children will be invited and if guests will be allowed a +one.
  9. When you are deciding on venues and vendors seek advice from other recently married couples and friends as well as the wedding planner. Interview possible vendors and only book the ones who share your vision and you feel comfortable with.
  10. Get contracts from all vendors and read them carefully to avoid problems on your special day. Make sure the contract reflects your wedding day wishes, number of guests, and provision for last-minute changes.
  11. Pick your wedding party carefully and with input from both members of the couple. As a couple, you should decide the size of the wedding party and who is included in this special duty. Who will the wedding officiate be? Not everyone has a family minister to turn to. Will you choose a clergy member or a justice of the peace?
  12. Shop for the wedding attire for the bride and her bridesmaids enough in advance so the orders have time to arrive before the wedding. Keep the wedding party members’ finances in mind. Choose bridesmaid’s dresses they can afford. Try to pick styles and colors that look good on each bridesmaid. Groom and groomsmen often rent tuxes, but the groom may choose other suits to purchase. 

13.Consider hiring a wedding limo for your special day. A hired limo takes a lot of pressure off the bride and groom and the wedding party. It gets rid of parking problems and other worries. The limo can be the right size to hold the bride and bride’s maids going to the wedding and the bride and groom going away from the wedding. Another limo can deliver the groom and groomsmen to the wedding. 

Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid making these wedding mistakes. Mistakes in planning a wedding can ruin the day or cause hard feelings among family and guests. Some mistakes to avoid include:

  • Failing to set a budget in advance or going over the budget
  • Setting the wedding date before you have a venue chosen or failing to read venue contracts
  • Choosing a wedding dress without consideration of the wedding budget and spending too much
  • Trying to do everything yourself, not including your partner in the planning, not doing the wedding planning research, or not hiring a wedding planner
  • Not setting boundaries for your families as far as their input during wedding planning and the guest list. The couple should have the final say in all wedding plans. If you want a small intimate wedding, don’t let family talk you into a big extravaganza you won’t enjoy.
  • Forgetting details of the wedding like the marriage licenses, tipping, feeding vendors, getting everyone dressed and hair done for the wedding, after wedding cleanup arrangements, wedding invitations, packing plan for honeymoon, transportation for guests, and wedding party, and so many more details.

Hire a wedding planner or have good friends or close relatives help with the details and arrangements to take some pressure off you.

Advantages of Hiring a Limousine Service

The best-planned wedding will be made better by hiring a limousine service like Dream Limousine to provide transportation for the wedding party and guests. Limousines come in many sizes and types from stretch limousines, SUVs, to party buses. A limousine service like ours will work with your budget to give you affordable transportation that meets your needs. A limo service cuts down on wedding day stress by taking care of all the transportation details.

The bride and groom do not have to worry about driving, parking, or picking up members of the wedding party. Everyone arrives at the wedding on time and safely. No worry about where to put the car during the wedding and reception. When the limo is needed after the wedding it will be waiting.

About Dream Limousine

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