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Limo Rental Costs Detroit

Limo Rental Costs in Metro Detroit

Renting a limo for a special occasion, be it a wedding, prom, or VIP-status shuttle service, is an ideal way to make any event memorable. Price is a factor when renting a limo and in the metro Detroit area, prices vary depending on a few factors.

To budget accordingly, use this guide to help you determine what your limo rental costs will be. With Dream Limousine, you’ll receive superior service and have access to the best limo rentals on the market. We have several models available, so call us for a quote for your special event today.

How Many Passengers You Have

The more passengers you have for a limo rental, the lower your costs can be if you’re splitting the expenses. Even if you’re footing the bill on your own, remember that the limo rental will save you from paying for parking services, gas, and other vehicle rentals to get you and your passengers where you wish to be.

The number of passengers you have also determine the size of the limousine you need. For example, if you have 12 people for a business gathering to shuttle, you need a larger SUV limo, which runs upwards of $125 an hour. Smaller limousines, which can carry comfortably up to six passengers, are often cheaper, starting at around $85 an hour.

When You Need Your Rental

In general, renting a limousine during the week will cost less than renting a limo on the weekend. This is due to limousine demands: most major events occur Friday through Sunday, with Saturday being a peak day.

If you are renting a limo during a major holiday season in the Detroit area, you’ll want to call ahead of time to get your rental reserved. Our representatives at Dream Limousine will be happy to help you arrange for limo rental service; the sooner you give us a call the more availability of models and open dates we may have.

What You Need a Limo For

There are special discounts that can apply to limo rentals for special occasions, such as weddings, prom, and even family reunions. If you need special amenities, such as beverage service, overnight shuttling, and other necessities, your rates may differ from standard limousine hourly rental rates.

When you make your limo rental reservation, let the company know what occasion you are using services for. Wedding packages and other benefits can be applied to your rental rate, which saves you money and gets you more VIP perks.

How Long You Need a Limo

Most limo rentals are reserved on an hourly basis and charged as the same unless a special package deal or arrangement has been made beforehand. If you’re hosting a bachelor party, for example, you’ll need a limo for several hours to shuttle your party friends around and get everyone home safely and in style.

If you need a limo for an extended time period, speak to a party representative to ask about long-term usage rates. These rates are often flat rates up to a certain time frame and vary depending on the size and style of limo you desire. Get a detailed price list from your Detroit-based limo rental service to compare rates with your budget.

Renting a limousine for your metro Detroit event will make your experience more comfortable, fun, and exciting. Whether you need an intimate limo for your best friends or a larger SUV-style vehicle for your entire family, we have the luxury chauffeur services you need. At Dream Limousine, we make special events unforgettable. We work with your custom needs to make your limo rental unforgettable; call us for a quote today.