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Car Service to DTW

What Does It Cost For Car Service To The Detroit Airport?

For those living in Michigan and for many people traveling there, getting a cost-effective car service to and from the Detroit Metro Airport is often a conundrum for today’s consumers. With the rise of ride-sharing services available through the use of an app like Uber, Lyft, Juno and a long list of other consumer-provided taxi services, costs and options will vary.

According to Ridester’s “How Much Does Uber Cost – A Comprehensive Guide,” pricing for one of the most recognized route and ride delivery options isn’t exactly straight-forward when you consider these costs:

  • Base Rate: A flat fee for a driver’s appearance
  • Time and Distance: A certain fee for both
  • Booking Fee: Put in place to offset Uber’s administrative fees, background checks for drivers, etc.
  • Tipping: Up to the individual rider whether or not to tip and how much

There’s also something called a Surge Variable that brings the law of supply and demand into the driver’s seat. This additional cost comes into play when demand for drivers outweighs the number of them available. When this occurs, a type of “price multiplier” is added to the total cost of the ride. In addition, there’s a minimum fare of $15 and a cancellation fee of $10 applies if plans change at the last minute.

Guesstimates And Averages

To be fair, most providers including Lyft offer a fare estimating tool available online, but it’s just that, a guess or an estimate on what your ride will ultimately cost. Ridester went on to reveal the average price of these three popular transportation venues:

  1. Lyft = $19.25
  2. Uber = $25.73
  3. Taxi = $29.52

It’s obvious which is the least expensive option, but there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to getting a reliable ride to the airport that’s trustworthy, affordable and reliable.

Hidden Fees

If you were to use the Lyft estimator for costs in the Detroit area, you’ll find a hidden charge called an “airport fee” and the cost for this service  “varies.” In the small print, Lyft explains “Trips to and from DTW airport are subject to a $5.00 surcharge,” but it doesn’t denote what exactly the fee is for and whether or not the price is truly fixed.

Know Exactly What You’re Getting

At this point, it’s safe to say there’s no way of knowing for sure what you’re getting when it comes to the driver, the dependability of their car will be arriving and the cost for the trip when using these apps. However, by hiring an elite auto service, you’ll know precisely what you’re getting beforehand. You’ll choose the exact vehicle that will arrive for your trip from a fleet full of different choices and also:

  • Rest assured your driver is a professional and not just a person with a decent driving record
  • Know the vehicle will not only be spotless but also reliable and well-maintained
  • The company is licensed, bonded and insured just in case there’s an incident

If there’s a price tag for peace of mind, you can get a no-nonsense up-front quote from Dream Limousine. No hidden fees, surprise surcharges, added taxes and other types of sticker shock revealed at the end of the ride.

If you’re tired of dealing with apps on your device, when you want to skip the “middle-man” you can contact us online or by telephone at +61 (02) 8228 7659. We are here for you and will make sure your next journey to and from DTW will be your very best trip to the airport.