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Prom Limo; Stretch Limo Or Party Bus? Make The Right Choice For Your Teen’s Prom

Attending the Prom, or just “Prom” as kids are calling it nowadays, is still a rite of passage for many of today’s teenagers. It’s one of those treasured high school memories that last a lifetime whether it’s Junior, Senior or all grades in attendance. This is one of the many reasons students will often pool their resources together or often their parents will rent them a prom limo for this memorable and magical evening.

But there’s a new option available in this rising prom limo rental marketplace known as a party bus. Similar to a limo, it’s designed to hold more passengers, be driven by a chauffeur or professional driver and is a great way to arrive at this school function with style and flair. But what are the differences between the two besides their obvious size and the fact they’re completely different types of transportation?

Differences First

One of the biggest differences between the two is inside a party bus, passengers are able to move about freely, even dance if they desire and given the opportunity to stand during the ride will keep formal wear from becoming wrinkled during the ride. Many of them have state-of-the-art sound systems, are decorated to look like a night club inside with big screen TVs and more.

Cruising inside a limousine, riders will have a sense of sophistication with this classic choice. There’s also more privacy to passengers since the driver is behind a partition. As you can see, party buses and limo services each have their different benefits, so it may simply come down to personal preference.

Stigma Second

Weighing the two against each other is somewhat of a conundrum and a toss-up when it comes to choosing from a classic limo ride to a more-modern trip inside a party bus. Considering some students have been looking forward to their high school years when they don’t have to ride inside a bus anymore given the freedom of being granted a driver’s license, this fact may help to tip the scales.

On the other hand, today’s younger crowd of teens who are always on top of today’s hottest new trends, a prom party bus may be a better bet for their overall happiness. Both offer similar amenities including high-tech screens, access to food and beverages. Stellar sound systems are found on board both of these modes of transportation and are there to share while cruising back-and-forth to their destination.

Passengers With Price-Points

While it almost goes without saying, the bigger the bus, the larger the price tag and the longer the limo the more expensive the ride becomes. Captain Obvious also shares you’ll be able to pack more prom passengers onto a bus as compared to a limousine, but you’d be surprised how many riders a modern limo will accommodate. If you’re thinking just a pair of couples will fit nicely into a particular model, the Chrysler 300 Stretch will comfortably seat up to ten riders.

Prices will vary given a number of different factors, everything from the size of the vehicle to the length of time it’s needed, the distance or miles traveled and a gratuity generally given to the driver at the end of the evening. When looking at booking your prom limo, please check out our venue for getting a free, no-obligation quote for getting a limo for this special event.

If you’re considering a party bus for your prom, contact us today and we’ll steer you in the right direction when making this important choice. Whether it’s a limo or a bus, you can trust us to make sure your precious cargo is safely transported to this memorable event. Make sure your camera or smartphone is on hand to document this dream (pardon the associative pun) day for all of posterity.