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Everything You Need to Bring Along for an Unforgettable Party Bus Rental

So, you have a big night, or day, planned and you’ve rented a party bus for the occasion. Congratulations because we know it’s going to be a memorable experience for you and your friends. A common question that we get from our party bus guests is that they don’t know what to bring with them.

Rest easy, we’ve got you covered.

Premier party buses are stocked with all the essentials that you need to make your occasion unforgettable, but there are a few things of your own that you can bring that will amplify the experience. Here’s a quick list of things you might want to consider bringing along on your party bus rental.


Party buses provide incredible atmosphere. Amazing lighting fixtures, like fiber optics and disco lighting, along with luxury fabrics and materials are enough on their own to create a party vibe. But, depending on your occasion, you might want to bring along a few decorations of your own to customize the experience.

When considering decorations for your party bus, keep clean up in mind. Decorations like balloons, streamers and banners can be held up with a little bit of tape, and easily removed. More complicated and involved decorations might require a little help from your limo team to clean up, which might mean an extra cleaning fee for you.


Our party buses come with state of the art sound systems perfect for playing your favorite tunes. Most party busses are iPod, CD, DVD and MP3 compatible. All you need to do is bring the music and enjoy the sound.

When choosing music for your party bus adventure, keep the theme and your guests in mind. Go with music that’s going to be liked by the majority, if not all, of the party goers. Remember, if the music is giving someone a headache, they can’t exactly step out of the room for a bit. Music that everyone loves makes for a great experience.

Food and Drink

No party bus experience is complete without a few refreshments to keep the party goer’s energy up. Party buses are equipped with bar areas to house your favorite drinks and nibbles.

When choosing food and drink for your party bus, keep it simple and remember that you’ll actually be in a moving vehicle. Snacks, or simple small plates work great on party buses. If you’re going with mixed drinks, mix them ahead of time in a covered pitcher and stock lots of ice. Simple two ingredient cocktails also work great as do bottles of soda, champagne and white wine.

Try to avoid red wine, or drinks that are dark in color because even though the ride in a party bus is smooth, you never know when your driver will need to make an abrupt stop to protect your safety.

A Few Other Essentials

  • Party Favors
  • Lots of Bottled Water
  • Phone/camera and charger
  • Disposable cups, plates, silverware and napkins
  • Motion sickness medication
  • Comfortable shoes/slippers to change into

What special occasion do you have planned that a party bus would be perfect for? Contact us today, and let us introduce you to our fleet of party buses. We’re here to answer your questions.