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5 Venues in Detroit that Are Perfect for Celebrating Your 21st Birthday

While every birthday that marks the beginning of a new year is a cause for celebration, some birthdays carry a little more significance. When it comes to birthdays that deserve a grand celebration, is there one that’s more worthy than the 21st?

Your 21st birthday marks a milestone in your life. It’s the point where you officially transition into adulthood. Plus, that sparkling new ID of yours means that anything is fair game, and you no longer must wear the unattractive underage bracelet when you’re out with your friends.

So, how you are you going to celebrate your 21st birthday? In style, with a luxury limo or party bus, we hope. But where it takes you is entirely up to you. Here are a five of our favorite ways of celebrating the big 21 in Detroit.

The Best Hidden Bars in Detroit

Instead of heading out to randomly bar hop with your newly legal ID, why not do a themed tour of Detroit’s best speakeasies?

While the most popular speakeasies in Detroit aren’t exactly secret anymore, they are still craftily hidden and finding them is half the adventure. Many of the most best speakeasies, like The Keep, The Sugar House, Tommy’s Detroit Bar and Grill and The Bad Luck Bar are all within same district.

What could be classier that being dropped off at a speakeasy from a classy limo or party bus. The answer is not much, and it’s a memorable way to welcome this new stage of your life.

A Night in Greektown

If you want to stay in one part of Detroit and enjoy culture at the same time, the historic Greektown District makes a great birthday destination. You can start the party early with a district wide happy hour that runs from 4 to 7pm.

After that, take a break from the libations and fill up on some delicious birthday grub from Fishbone’s Rhythm Café or the Monroe Street Steakhouse. Finish the night with a rooftop concert at the Exodus Lounge.

Be One of the Cool Kids

Just because you’re 21 doesn’t mean you need to stop being a kid. In fact, in places like POP + OFFWORLD being a grown-up kid has never been more fun.

Start with one of their amazing pizzas (the vegan Gringo is enough to make any carnivore drool), then head off to explore one of the coolest arcades with the best retro games. Tron or QBert anyone?

POP + OFFWORLD also host some killer events so check their schedule before you go.

Keep It Classy

Your 21st birthday doesn’t need to be round after round of the craziest shots the bartender can think up. Why not celebrate it in class and style? You can find high class restaurants and cafes to celebrate your big day no matter what your budget. Our suggestion is that you head straight to Vertical Detroit.

The focus is on wines with several flights being offered, along with an extensive by the glass list. Also, don’t miss out on nibbles and small plates like sambuca mussels or a selection of cheese with accoutrements. Don’t leave without trying the crème brulee. You need a birthday dessert after all!

Dance the Night Away

If high energy is your thing, you’ll definitely want to spend your 21st in one of the hottest, most popular dance bars in Detroit. With new bands every Friday, and always a killer event on the books, Luna is the place to welcome in adulthood. Come with a crowd of friends, or just bring a few and make more as the night progresses. Either way, it’s sure to be memorable.

Before you make any other plans for your 21st, be sure to reserve your limo or party bus well ahead of time. We’ll take care of the driving, while you take care of creating memories to last a lifetime. Contact us today to learn more.