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How to Choose Between a Limo and a Party Bus

When choosing the perfect group transportation for an event, you may be struggling with whether to book a limousine or a party bus. While both options will provide you with a luxurious, comfortable ride to your end destination, each has its own set of unique features that makes them better suited for specific events.

This guide has been designed to help you decide whether a party bus or limousine is the best choice for your event transportation.

Consider the Size of Your Group 

Before choosing which type of luxury transportation is best for you, you must first consider the number of people in your group. While both limousines and party busses are perfect for group outings, a limousine will provide a more intimate experience for smaller parties. Some limousines are available in small models that seat 2-4 passengers, so they are also perfect for small business groups or individual transportation, as they provide a quiet, comfortable ride.

A party bus offers more room and a more spacious, open environment, making it more suitable for parties of 10 or more. Some party busses are even large enough to accommodate up to 35 passengers. The high ceilings will give your guests plenty of room to move around without feeling cramped, even in large groups, which avoids the sit-and-slide style seating commonly associated with stretch limousines.

Your Transportation Should Reflect Your Event

You should consider the nature of your event before choosing the best transportation for your group. While party busses and limousines are both great transportation methods, they both offer a very different atmosphere to their passengers. In a party bus, you can expect an upbeat experience. The coach is designed to accommodate dancing and partying, hence the name, offering a good precursor for travel to events such as a birthday or bachelor party.

Alternatively, limousine transportation will often provide a more traditional touch to your event. In a limousine, your guests will remain seated the majority of the time and enjoy a comfortable ride, where they can take pleasure in cocktails and conversation. This type of transportation may be better suited for weddings or business events. Limousines also offer appropriate transportation for more serious events, such as funerals, graduations, or political events.

Amenities and Features

While there are many similarities in party busses and limousines, there are a few key differences that you should consider when choosing the transportation that is best for you.

Both limousines and party busses can come packed with TV’s, bar areas, light shows, and premium sound systems. Limousines tend to be more refined, however, and offer luxuries like heated seats. In smaller sedans, you will experience classic front facings seating, as opposed to the bench seat style seen in stretch limousines and party busses.

You can expect party busses to offer much more space, including a large amount of storage space for personal belongings, which keeps them off the floor so guests can move around more freely.

Considering these individual features will help you decide whether a limousine or party bus is best suited for your group transportation. At Dream Limousines,  we are dedicated to bringing you the best transportation service available. Contact us today for all of your limo or party bus needs!