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5 Reasons Why a Party Bus Is Perfect for Your Company Outing

Let’s be honest. Sometimes it is hard to get people excited about company outings. If you are the one planning the outing, this can make your job frustrating. How do create an event that gets your coworkers pumped and looking forward to the outing, rather than finding reasons to call in that day?

You rent a party bus!

While we can’t think of a single reason to deny your coworkers this experience, we can think of at least 5 reasons why a party bus should be on your event planning radar.

The Space You Need

Planning a company outing but not sure what to do about group transportation? Your choices are probably between carpooling and renting a charter bus. One is too small, while the other is too big. We have a solution that is just right.

We have party buses that are built to comfortably accommodate groups of 14-35. Your rental will provide the space you need and the comfort your colleagues deserve.

Premium Quality Entertainment Features

Whether you are looking for large, flat screen TVs or top tier audio equipment, party buses are equipped with the entertainment features that you need to make your outing a success.

Plus, top of the line party buses include rope lighting, fiber optics and other lighting features that create the right environment to encourage your coworkers to relax and leave the office atmosphere behind.

But, We Can Be All Business Too

Do you have a more serious tone in mind for your company outing? A party bus doesn’t need to be all “party”. Party buses are the ultimate in comfort and luxury. This is the perfect environment for getting a head start on work talk, while relaxing with your favorite seltzer, or scotch, in hand. Which, by the way, is thanks to the beautiful bar that comes with your party bus.

Budget Friendly

Not many business approach company outings with a spare-no-expense attitude. This means you probably have a pretty tight budget, and it is up to you to figure out how to get the most bang for each one of your bucks.

A party bus rental is not only a more economical choice compared to other transportation options, it actually becomes part of your company outing experience, even replacing an event venue depending on your outing. The best part is that with a party bus, there are so many options to tailor the experience without blowing the bank.

Whether you are looking to tour the town for an exciting product launch, host a business meeting in the ultimate luxury setting or just build camaraderie among your already great team, a party bus will serve all your needs in style.

Want to learn more about how a party bus can transform your next company outing? We are happy to answer all your questions and provide a no-obligation quote. Call us to learn more.