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3 Irrefutable Reasons Why You Should Rent a Party Bus for the Lions’ Thanksgiving Game

A Detroit Lions home game is always a reason for celebration. While many people are sitting at home, taking in the game from in front of a screen, you prefer to be right there in the center of the action, cheering on the home team with a stadium filled with devoted fans. Unfortunately, tickets can be quite expensive, so for many fans Thanksgiving is the only time they get to see their Lions play live.

Attending a Lions game and catching the hometown spirit is one of the best things to do in Detroit. The only problem is that transportation can easily put a glitch in your plans. Between deciding who will drive and navigating traffic, finding your way to the game can damper your spirited mood.

The next time you’re making plans to attend a Lions game, why not take the pressure off and rent a party bus for the occasion? There are party buses available for all sized groups, with each one perfectly designed to elevate your game day experience. Just in case you need a little more convincing, here are 3 reasons to rent a party bus your next game day adventure.

Enjoy Game Day Activities Worry Free

While not everyone enjoys a brew (or several) on game day, enough people do like to mix football and spirits that finding a designated driver is often a challenge. Often, nobody wants to be the designated driver, but someone will begrudgingly take on the responsibility.

A party bus rental completely eliminates the need for a designated driver. You can enjoy adult beverages on the way to the game and even after the final touchdown has been made without a single care about how you and your friends will arrive home safely.

Keeping the Group Together

Lions football is best enjoyed with good friends, and the more the merrier. The only problem is that when you’re planning on all attending the game together, making plans for multiple drivers and agreeing on a spot to meet become a hassle. A party bus rental solves this problem.

With vehicles that can transport anywhere from 15 to 40 of your football loving friends, a party bus makes it easy to arrive and depart together without anyone getting left behind or lost in the cheering crowds. Plus, splitting the costs of a party bus is often the most cost effective option for transportation.

It’s a Party on Wheels

Chances are your game day festivities involve more than just arriving at the game and then going home and calling it a day. You’re planning on starting the celebration early and keeping it going well past the game. A party bus is more than transportation, it can also be the venue where your celebration happens.

Party busses include refreshment bars, large televisions and the highest quality sound systems. There’s nothing that you’ll find at a bar, club or afterparty that can’t be found on your party bus. The only things you need are a group of great friends, Detroit pride and a luxury party bus to create an unforgettable experience.

We offer a top of the line fleet of luxury party buses for your game day activities. Our party bus services get booked fast when the Lions are playing a home game, so don’t hesitate and contact Dream Limousines today to reserve yours.