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How to Decide Which Color Is Best for Your Wedding Limo

So much goes into planning what will ultimately be one of the most significant moments in your life. Every detail is important, from the bride’s gown to the shades of each flower in the bouquet. Color plays an important role in planning a wedding and is often one of the first details that the bride and groom decide on.

While you’ve taken the time to coordinate the cake icing with the flowers in the maid of honor’s hair, have you given any thought to what color your wedding limo rental should be?

Why Color Matters

Not to add one more thing to your ever-growing list, but the color of your wedding transportation is an important thing to consider. There’s a good chance that the limo will take a place in your wedding photography, and you want to make sure it looks good.

The traditional colors of  wedding limo rentals are either black or white and provide a nice neutral backdrop for photography, and the classic “just Married” sign. Let’s take a look at each color option to help you decide which is the best choice for your wedding.

Pristine White

A white limo is elegant, classy and luxurious, which is why it’s the classic choice for wedding transportation. There’s nothing more elegant than a bride stepping from a white limousine as she arrives at her wedding.

There’s also an emotional aspect to the white wedding limo. White represents new beginnings and a clean start. It’s soft, neutral and a blank canvas that’s waiting to be filled in with a lifetime of happiness.

White also compliments, but doesn’t clash, with other colors. This is especially important for color photography if the wedding party is wearing brighter hues.

Luxurious Black

The classic black limousine is a less traditional choice for a wedding limo but is a wonderful option nonetheless. A black limousine is a symbol of status and importance, and there’s no occasion more deserving than the day you say, “I Do”.

If you’re planning on having any black and white photography of your wedding a day, a black limo is going to stand out and present itself better, where a white limo would fade into the background. Black limousines also offer a nice striking contrast to both deep hued and lighter color schemes.

Can’t Decide? Then Don’t

Sometimes the best choice is to not make a choice at all. If you’re planning on renting more than one limousine for your big day, why not include both a black and a white limo in the mix. They’re opposites that work beautifully together.

Think about the classic combination of a black tux and a white wedding dress, or the white dress shirt under a black tuxedo jacket. Black and white are represented in the balanced symbol of yin and yang, something that’s also symbolic of marriage.

If you can’t decide, then we say you don’t have to. Whatever your choice, we want to be your wedding limo service provider. Contact Dream Limousines today to learn more about our selection of luxury limo options for your wedding day.