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5 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Limo

The big day has finally come. Don’t let the blissful newlyweds drive away in a limo that doesn’t reflect the spirit of the big day. Wedding car decorations have come a long way from the dangling tin cans on the bumper. Here are few ideas for decorating a beautiful, modern wedding limo rental.

Window Clings

Thought you might get some window markers to write out your message to the happy couple? Why not use window clings instead? You can purchase windows clings that are both classic or funny, and they can be used as the centerpiece for your decorating theme.

Magnetic Banners

Save yourself the time and effort of creating a handmade banner that will only flap around in the wind, or worse, get destroyed by inclement weather. Magnetic banners are the perfect solution for adding a strong decorative feature to the wedding vehicle while being easy to use and posing no safety risk to other drivers.

Not sure you like any that you’ve been able to find? Go to your local print shop and have one custom created.

Silk Flower Designs

Flowers have always been a decoration of choice for wedding limos, but with the right silk flowers you can get creative in your design. Try creating a floral banner to drape across the back of the limo, or form a heart shaped wreath to attach to the front of the car.

If you’re feeling creative, attach individual flowers to the vehicle to create a pattern effect. Pro tip: always use silk flowers because they will hold up better during the limo travel.

Streamers and Tulle

Go beyond the classic “flow behind” streamers and use them, along with pieces of tulle to create a bridal veil-like wrap on the limo doors or draping off from the back window. Silk streamers and tulle allow for more creativity and they hold up better in the outdoor elements.

Bring it all Together

Don’t just stick to one way of decorating the wedding limo. Bring them all together for the ultimate creative touch. Check out sites like Pinterest for design inspiration and then let the limo be the canvas that brings your creativity to life.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

  • Always talk to the limo company before decorating the vehicle. It’s best to call the wedding limo service and ask questions. But even if you’re doing a surprise decorating job while the nuptials are taking place, take a minute and speak to the driver. Not knowing the rules and regulations of decorating can end up costing the happy couple a hefty cleaning fee.
  • If you put it there, be there to take it off. Don’t leave the clean up to the newlyweds or the limo company.
  • Be conscious of colors that run. Anything with dye that can run, or drip can permanently damage the limo in wet weather.
  • Keep safety in mind. Don’t place decorations in a spot where they will obstruct the driver’s view. Also, make sure all decorations are securely attached so that they don’t fly off and pose a risk to other drivers.

When it comes time to rent your wedding limo, choose a wedding limo service that will help make your day one to remember. Contact us today to learn more.