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Top Reasons You Should Rent a Limo Instead of Calling for a Taxi

Today, you have more transportation options than ever, especially in the city. There’s public transportation, Uber, traditional taxi services and of course, your own vehicle. How you choose to travel will depend on the occasion, but there’s another option to consider, and that’s a limousine.

A limo rental is a classic choice for a special event, but there’s no reason you can’t rent a limousine to make any day special. Here’s why you should consider a limo the next time you’re thinking about calling for a taxi.

You Have a Day Planned with Lots of Starts and Stops

Repeatedly calling for or hailing a taxi is a hassle. Plus, if we’re being completely honest, taxi services don’t always come with a reputation of reliability. Maybe this is fine if you’re looking for a quick trip from point A to point B but depending on a taxi for anything more than that will likely lead to frustration.

If you plan on spending the day exploring Detroit, or even have an endless list of errands, a limousine rental is the smart choice. You can communicate your plans with the driver to ensure safe and reliable pick up, bags and other items can be left in the limo instead of being carried around all day and you’ll never need to worry about finding the next taxi.

You Appreciate Comfort and Luxury

With a taxi, you never know what you’re getting. Most of us who have used a taxi have at some point found ourselves in one that was dirty and smelly with cracks in the upholstery. Not exactly an example of comfort, and nobody really enjoys traveling this way.

A limo rental provides another experience entirely. Limos are cleaned and serviced regularly to ensure the quality of your experience. Plus, you get to sit back, relax and enjoy the luxury amenities that come standard in every limousine.

Instead of arriving at your destination stressed and irritated, you’ll arrive calm and relaxed.

Safety and Professionalism Are Important

When was the last time you were able to verify the credentials and safety record of the person driving the taxi? When on the road, the person operating the vehicle you’re in should have your safety as their number one priority. Unfortunately, the priority often ends up being getting you to your destination as quickly as possible, so they can move onto the next fare.

A limo service keeps safety as a priority always and your driver will never take any risks that could injure you and any other passengers.

A limousine also comes with a level of professionalism that you don’t get with a taxi. Our drivers have been trained to offer top-notch professionalism from the moment they open the door for you until they bid you farewell.

The next time you’re thinking about calling for a taxi, call us instead. We have limousines that are perfect for any occasion, and service that will exceed your expectations. Contact Dream Limousines today and let us tell you more about why a limo rental is the best choice.