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The Top 3 Reasons to Take a Limo to the Next Red Wings Game

Hockey season is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited about seeing our Detroit Red Wings crush every competitor this year. While watching the game on a screen at home or the local sports bar is great, nothing really beats going to the arena and witnessing the action first hand.

If you’re like most devoted Red Wings fans, you love the idea of going to a game, but aren’t so fond of all the logistics -like fighting the traffic and finding a parking spot that’s within the same zip code as the arena. There’s no reason to miss out on seeing your favorite team in person when there’s such an easy solution – renting a limo for your next Red Wings game.

A limo rental not only ensures you’ll arrive safely at the game, it also provides a level of class and luxury that you and your hockey loving friends deserve. Here are few more reasons why a limousine rental is the perfect solution for your next Red Wings game.

Detroit Traffic Is Nothing to Mess With

Making your way around Detroit during typical rush hour traffic is frustrating enough, but home games always take it to the next level. The last thing you want to be dealing with before you enter the arena is stress from traffic. Plus, if you or your driver isn’t familiar with the area this can add an entirely new level of stress to the day.

Just forget about all of this and let a luxury limousine drop you off and pick you up from the game. There’s no reason to waste time finding a parking spot or argue over who’s going to drive. Sit back and let an experienced driver take care of these unpleasant practicalities for you.

You Deserve It

In being completely honest, the number one reason you should rent a limo for the next Red Wings game is simply that you and your friends deserve it. How many games have you watched in dark basements or overcrowded bars? Getting tickets and going to the game is guaranteed to be a memorable experience, so why not pamper yourself with a little luxury?

Limousine rentals are available in all sizes, so no matter if you’re taking someone special on a Hockey date night or gathering a group of your favorite buddies, there is a luxury transportation option that will have your crew arriving in comfort and style.

Keeping the Party Going Is Easy

One of the best parts of renting a game day limo is that it’s easy to keep the party going without interruption. The celebration can start on your way to the arena as you watch pre-game activities from your limo. Then once your driver picks you up, the victory celebration can seamlessly continue without a glitch. Whether everyone’s heading back home after the game or out for a continued celebration, a limo rental allows you and your friends to enjoy every minute together.

What are your plans for this year’s hockey season? If it involves seeing the Red Wings in action, we’re here to serve your luxury transportation needs. Contact Dream Limousines today to book a vehicle for the next big game.