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Renting a Limo for Your Child’s Birthday

You might have lots of important days marked on your calendar, but none are as important as the ones that celebrate the day your children were born. Children’s birthdays are meant to be celebrated, and each year parents search for unique ways to make the big day extra special for their child.

If you want to really surprise your little one this year, why not rent a limo or party bus for their birthday festivities? It’s unexpected, it’s memorable and it will be one of the best birthday presents ever. 

Advantages of Renting a Birthday Limo or Party Bus

Think about everything that goes into planning a child’s birthday. There’s finding a venue or transforming your own home into a birthday themed paradise. If you choose an outside venue, you’re putting the responsibility of travel and directions onto the parents of the party goers. kids birthday party

Adult schedules are often unpredictable, and this makes it difficult for parents to find ways to get their child to the festivities. A birthday limo or party bus eliminates this problem. The party goers can be picked up and dropped off right at their homes.

Some parents choose to rent a limo solely for transportation, while others opt to use the limo as the party venue itself. This saves time and money that would otherwise be spent on an overpriced venue, or cleaning and preparing your own home.

Great Ideas for the Ultimate Child’s Birthday

We’re not professional party planners, but we do know a thing or two about festive events. Here are a few ideas that you child will love.

  • The royal treatment. Have everyone dress up like royalty, or their favorite prince/princess characters. Roll out a red carpet from your doorway to the limo. Serve little sandwiches and treats fits for a king. Don’t forget lots of sparkly decorations and party favors like tiaras and crowns.
  • Party like a Rockstar. Kids dress up like their favorite musical personalities. Bring along lots of great music and maybe even a karaoke machine. Party buses are a great choice because the come equipped with the latest in sound equipment and fantastic lighting features. There’s also plenty of room to wiggle and dance around.
  • Event theme. Is there a sporting event, concert or show that your child has been begging to go to? Make a day out of it with a themed party bus. Coordinate decorations and food with the event and invite plenty of friends along.

Special Considerations

When children are involved, there are always more things to consider. Here’s a few to keep in mind.

  • The size of your party is important for vehicle selection, but also your safety and sanity. Make sure you have enough chaperones for the party.
  • Make sure all parents are comfortable with the idea and encourage them to call the limo company themselves if they have concerns.
  • Children move around a lot. Account for a little extra room when choosing a vehicle.
  • Safety first. Make sure all children understand the importance of safety while in the vehicle and respect the rules always.
  • Skip messy food and drinks. Finger snacks without sauces are best, and make sure everyone has a covered cup to drink from.

When you’re ready to plan your child’s epic birthday party, we want to help. Contact us today to find out more.