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Limousine Rentals in the Age of Self Driving Cars

We’ve been hearing about self-driving cars for a while now. It wasn’t that long ago that self-driving cars were a topic reserved for futuristic books and television shows. But now, in 2018, we’re no longer asking “if” this technology will be commonplace. Instead, we’re asking “when”. 

Big names like Amazon are making public announcements about upcoming implementation of self-driving technology. It’s obvious that self-driving cars will have an impact on the way many industries conduct business. But, in the luxury transportation industry, we’re looking at it from a completely different perspective.

There’s Plenty to Love About Self Driving Technology

When new technology comes along with the potential to change an industry, it’s normal to have a bit of a knee-jerk reaction. There’s so many unknowns, and it’s difficult to plan for how the limo industry may change.

There’s two choices here. Limousine companies can choose to live in a bubble and deny the potential to co-exist with driverless vehicles, or we can adapt by learning about everything that makes self-driving transportation great. highway

With that in mind, let’s talk about some of the benefits.

  • Fewer accidents since most vehicular accidents are the result of human error.
  • Less road rage, more productivity. Instead of angry drivers, people could tend to tasks that they might do on a train or bus, like read, catch up on email or just engage with each other.
  • Greater mobility for the disabled and elderly.
  • Hours put into traffic patrol can be redirected to more efficient uses.

It’s easy to see there are some great things coming in the future with self-driving cars.

How the Luxury Transportation Industry Can Adapt

While it’s true that self-driving cars can be seen as a sort of threat to businesses in the transportation industry, it’s important to remember why customers choose to rent a limo today. With the right approach, self-driving cars will make the limousine industry more competitive and focused on the customer experience.

The key to adapting is providing an experience that technology alone can’t.

As luxury car makers begin to develop self-driving cars of their own, limousine rental companies can invest in limousines and party buses that are equipped with some level of automated driving capabilities. For customers, this provides an opportunity for enhanced services where the driver becomes more of an “experience captain”.

We’re also looking forward to even greater luxury features. The average self-driving care won’t be equipped with the same level of comfort and entertainment features as a limousine. There will be an even greater focus on amenities that provide an incredible and memorable experience.

Finally, one of the biggest perks the limousine customer can expect is a more competitive pricing structure combined with enhanced service packages. Looking into the future, as technology advances, we’ll eventually see the pay-off of less traffic accidents, less expensive insurance and greater fuel efficiency. In the end, this has the potential to make the luxury transportation experience something people will be able to indulge in more regularly.

At Dream Limousines, we’re not waiting for technology to provide you with the ultimate in luxury and customer experience. We’re here to cater to all your luxury transportation needs today and well into the future. Have a big event coming up? We’re looking forward to hearing from you.