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The 7 Questions You Need to Ask Your Limo Service

Renting a limo is a way to add class and elegance to any event. Whether you are getting married, going to prom or celebrating the big game, booking a limo service is a sure way of taking the celebration up a notch.

Unfortunately, not every limo service is respectable and some will be less forthcoming with information. This is why you should always approach the process of booking a limo armed with questions, even if the service is highly recommended by someone you trust.

Here are seven essential questions you need to be asking when considering a limo service.

What Services Do You Offer?

This seems basic, but you would be surprised at the differences that can occur between expectations and reality when this question isn’t asked.

You can get more specific by asking occasions they specialize in and if any special occasion packages are offered.

What Features and Services are Included in the Rate?

Little things add up and create sticker shock if you aren’t prepared. Charges for fuel, waiting time, consumables and cleaning can make their way onto your bill. Find out what’s included and what isn’t to avoid haggling over prices at the end.

Do Your Drivers Accept Gratuity?

Most limo services will say that their drivers accept and appreciate gratuities in the range of 20 percent of your total rental costs. A few services will include gratuity in their billing structure, so it’s a good idea to always ask.

What Vehicles Are in Your Fleet, Do I Have a Choice?

The vehicle selection will vary from service to service. Larger services will of course have a greater selection of limousines, but they may not be as high of quality as a smaller service that meticulously maintains a smaller fleet.

Ask for an overview of vehicle options and if you will be given the choice of the exact limo you receive. Also, remember to keep the size of your party in mind when booking your vehicle.

How Do You Ensure Safety?

Is the service insured and for how much? What is their process for training and vetting their drivers? How are complaints handled?

How are Vehicles Maintained and How Do You Handle Maintenance Issues?

Those scenarios where a member of the wedding party is stranded on the side of the road in a limo is only funny in the movies. Ask the service how frequently they perform regular maintenance on their vehicles and what is their backup plan should a mechanical issue occur?

Do You Have Any References?

Finally, a great limo service can prove the worth to you through the words of their own customers. Ask to see reviews and testimonials, and if they don’t have them, take the time to search online to find out what people are saying.

Booking a limo is an investment of not only money but experience. You are trusting them to help you create a memorable experience that you will cherish for a lifetime. At Dream Limousines, we are happy to answer. Call us today.