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4 Reasons to Book a Limo Service for Travel To/From Sporting Events

There’s nothing worse than fighting your way through congested game day traffic, except maybe arriving to find out you’ve just missed your favorite team’s incredible first play. Booking a limousine is a great way to avoid any traffic trouble and ensure that you arrive at the stadium on time and ready to cheer your heart out.

Here are four reasons why booking a limousine is the best way to travel to sporting events:

1.            Eliminate Taxi Hassles

Getting a taxi is never fun, but getting a taxi on game day? Forget about it! You could spend up to thirty minutes just trying to get a taxi service to answer the phone or waving down the next available driver on the busy streets. Then, you may end up paying to just to sit in traffic, which can really start to add up. With a professional limousine service, your ride is booked in advance, so you can worry less about the travel to and from the game and focus more on getting pumped up for your favorite team.  Oh yeah, and no surprises about how much it’s going to cost you.  Score!

2.            Everybody Hates Being the D.D.

Your professional limo driver will be there after the final score to give everyone a lift, so there’s no reason to hold back from having fun. When you hire a limousine service, everyone can enjoy a good brew while watching the game, so nobody has to be left out. You can even start pre-gaming on the way to the event, or enjoy a few cocktails on the way to the after-party.  Everyone has fun.  Everyone stays safe.  And everyone is responsible.  Talk about a win-win!

3.            Skip the Packed Parking Lots

There’s no reason to endlessly search jam-packed parking lots for half an hour looking for an empty spot. When you choose a limousine service, you can enjoy front gate drop-off and pick-up, so there’s no need to hassle with a busy parking lot or scramble to find cash for parking fees. Instead, you can get straight to the main event as soon as you arrive.

4.            The More the Merrier

Game day always calls for a big gathering, which generally means people are split up in separate vehicles. That means paying for several parking spots and filling up multiple gas tanks. A professional limousine service eliminates all these hassles since everyone will be arriving together. Some limousines seat up to 20 people, so you can invite your best friends, neighbors, and all your college buddies, and still have plenty of wiggle room.

Booking a limousine for your sporting event travel will help you avoid game day chaos so that you can focus on what’s really important: cheering on your favorite athletes.

At Dream Limousine, we offer a large fleet of vehicles designed to get you to and from your events in comfort and style. Contact us today for price quotes or to book a luxury ride for your next sports outing.