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Take a Party Bus Dive Bar Pub Crawl to Remember

Take a Party Bus Dive Bar Pub Crawl to Remember

Itching to go on a pub crawl across some of the best dive bars in the city? Take a party bus so you can bring all your friends along for the ride. It’s so easy. All you have to do is reach out and reserve your preferred luxury vehicle today through Dream Limousines. We’ll even recommend some of our favorite popular pubs to get your adventure started!

Lost River

There’s no better way to commence a dive bar pub crawl than with some fiery drinks at a classic tiki bar, and Lost River is certainly one of the best. Its fun atmosphere and absolutely wild cocktails will put you and your friends in the perfect mood to continue your craft cocktail journey. Just don’t forget to take a photo with your one-of-a-kind beverage vessel to commemorate your trip!

Abick’s Bar

Next on the list, without a doubt, has to be Abick’s Bar. As Detroit’s oldest continuously operating family-owned bar, this establishment has been proudly serving outstanding drinks and providing unbeatably friendly service for over a hundred years (since 1907) – and for good reason. It may not be a glamorous rooftop bar, but it certainly has everything your cozy pub crawl will need.

Bronx Bar

If, after a few bars, you feel like you need a bite to eat, don’t count out the Bronx Bar. It’s an incredible little dive place with excellent food and just enough intrigue to make it a must-visit on our list. Just be sure if you’re planning your pub crawl for a long weekend that you’re ready for this place to be packed!

The Old Miami

The Old Miami might be full of regulars who love its backyard patio and delicious food, but that doesn’t mean newcomers aren’t welcome. One might even say that no local pub crawl would be complete without this local gem of a dive bar. The only way to know for sure, though, is to see this amazing place for yourself.

Temple Bar

Looking for a real dive bar? No frills or false advertising anywhere? Spare a few moments to check out the atmosphere at the Temple Bar. One-of-a-kind might just be the only way to describe it, but its quality food and drinks are undeniable.

Gusoline Alley

Want to find the perfect place to hit up on your way home, that one place you just can’t pass up? For us, that’s Gusoline Alley. You will not find a better collection of drinks, music, or friendly bartenders at any other dive bar in the region. It may not look like much, but it’s certainly got a lot stuffed into its small establishment.

Can’t wait to get your dive bar pub crawl started? Contact our friendly luxury transportation specialists at Dream Limousines right away to reserve your party bus rental!