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The Benefits of Renting a Party Bus for Wine Tours

The Benefits of Renting a Party Bus for Wine Tours

Planning a group winery tour in Detroit but unsure of how to get a group transported safely and comfortably?  A party bus is the best way to do so, taking away all the worry off travelers and providing a ride in a stylish, spacious vehicle operated by a professional. Whether traveling with 14 people or 40 people, a party bus can accommodate all groups while providing a first-class experience. The benefits of a party bus do not stop at safety and comfort; they also cater to your group’s individual, unique needs. Plus, it’s just a fun way to get to the next winery in fashion! Here are just a few of the advantages…


When planning wine tours people often worry about their safety as nobody wants to drive intoxicated, but nobody wants to miss out on all the great beverages. Taking a party bus eliminates those worries for travelers by providing a professional driver who knows the areas of Detroit like the back of their hand. These drivers are hand-picked so parties can be confident that they are not only riding safely- but that the driver is also trustworthy and there to provide parties with the utmost peace of mind while ensuring your party remains lively the entire time! No more worrying about who will be the designated driver or having to bug someone late at night for a ride, that is already taken care of all day long.


Being in a cramped, confined space is no way to travel, especially when in a large group. Party buses offer an abundance of space for all riders and even a little extra room for dancing! Almost all party buses come with a way of enjoying party music of choice. Each bus has an individual vibe allowing parties to use user-friendly controls that help customize the space ensuring an unforgettable experience. Plus, who doesn’t want to arrive at their destination in a fashionable manner?


These vehicles are called “party buses” for a reason! The fun doesn’t stop when heading to the next destination. Party buses commonly come equipped with TVs (sometimes more than one), large bar areas, LED lights, and more features. These amenities are sure to keep parties entertained to and from their next winery. Although not all shuttles have fully stocked bars, guests can bring their own drinks onto the bus and even food. The party goes on an entire day, not just when you leave the winery. 

Staying Together

Whenever traveling in large groups it’s easy to get separated. When using a shuttle rental it’s guaranteed that everyone in the party will remain together. When people take their own vehicles, they tend to arrive at different times and that can cause frustration within the group. This method of traveling assures everyone arrives safely, together, and at the same time. No more worrying about where someone is and if they’re safe because they’re right there the whole time. This also allows for more time spent making memories as a group and staying connected with close friends throughout the trip!


Prices for shuttle rentals are often misleading. While the total amount may seem like a large number, when you divide it among a group the figures tend to be shockingly affordable. For example, say the rental for the bus is $100 dollars an hour for four hours totaling $400 and there are 10 people in the group, each individual would be looking at around $40 per person! The more people you have, the cheaper the price goes down per person so nobody in the friend circle gets left behind. Plus, when you think of the price for a DWI vs. a price for a shuttle…the price difference is well over a few thousand dollars. When you compare the two, the choice is obvious. 

No Parking Fees

No more excessive parking fees at multiple locations in the busy city of Detroit or driving in circles repetitively around the parking lot looking for a spot. This just takes away from the time that could be spent partying! The group simply gets dropped off, and when the party is ready to be continued, they can hop right back on the bus and leave those frustrating parking fees and stress behind.  


Most party buses offer various times to be picked off and dropped off so any group can be accommodated regardless of time frames. Be sure to communicate with the driver in order to assure timeliness. This way, nobody has to worry about being late. There are even some facilities that run 24/7! The driver and facility take that worry away as well as the previously mentioned benefits. This can save a group a  ton of money as parking typically goes per vehicle and this way- everyone is together.


What happens on the party bus, stays on the party bus! We all know drinks can make everyone getting a little loose and there’s nothing wrong with letting go and dancing away on your memorable trip. Party buses have tinted windows, so regardless of how crazy things get the group’s privacy always remains ensured

While taking a party bus may seem like a less convenient way of travel or a winery tour, all the previously mentioned benefits show that to be incorrect. If time is of the essence, money is important, and fun is at the front line of your needs, a party bus is the best route to take. Nobody should miss out on this exposure to luxury and creating a lifetime of memories while ensuring not only excitement but safety as well. 

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