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5 Reasons You Should Rent a Party Bus

5 Reasons You Should Rent a Party Bus

When a person is planning an event, they may quickly become overwhelmed trying to coordinate the details. The coordinator must handle certain tasks but can delegate others. One thing they will need to address is transportation for all who are taking part. Hiring a bus serves as the ideal solution for this problem, as the bus comes with many benefits. The following serve as five of the benefits a person gets when they choose this option.


Transporting large numbers of people takes careful planning and coordination. Hiring a party bus provider makes this task much easier, as the event organizer won’t need to organize several vehicles or rent multiple Ubers to move everyone around. Furthermore, renting a bus for the event minimizes the risk of problems associated with parking and traffic. The bus eliminates these inconveniences, as everyone travels together. The bus takes them to a single location or will transport them to multiple locations. It all depends on what the organizer has planned.

A bus for hire in Detroit comes with a chauffeur trained to handle sizable crowds. They arrive at the desired location to pick riders up and take them wherever they desire. This may be a restaurant, club, show, or other destination. In fact, some people hire a bus to take them on a tour of the city. They sit back, enjoy the company of others, and allow someone else to do the driving.

As the bus is very comfortable, everyone enjoys themselves immensely. Event coordinators find our fleet contains buses in multiple sizes, so finding one to fit their party takes little effort. Some buses even have a bathroom on board to ensure the party doesn’t have to be interrupted when someone needs to take care of personal business.

More Time Together

Why should the event coordinator or a driver miss out on the fun? When a person hires a bus for their next event or special occasion, they can take part in the activities from the moment the bus arrives.

If one or more people are tasked with driving others around, they can’t drink and may miss out on some festivities, as they have to find parking and that can take time. They may also become separated from the rest of the group after they find a parking spot. Hiring a bus to drive everyone around ensures nobody misses out.

In fact, some people choose to make the bus their destination. They spend the night riding around with friends and having fun while someone else does the driving. This offers a great and unique way to see a new city or show loved ones the highlights of where you live. Consider this option if you have a large group you must keep entertained for a few hours or an entire day.


Securing multiple vehicles to carry individuals around Detroit becomes costly. Why not let everyone ride together and save on gas? This eliminates concerns related to moving everybody around, as the participants stay together and there is only one fee for the bus. Imagine having to arrange and pay for multiple Uber drives or secure several cabs. The cost adds up quickly. When a person hires a bus, they know how much they must pay, and there will only be one person to tip.

People often look at the cost of the bus and assume they need to consider other options. They don’t consider the amenities the group gets when they hire a bus. For instance, people cannot put a price on the safety and convenience of hiring a bus. Furthermore, there is no stress when a person chooses this means of moving individuals around.

The event coordinator saves time because they don’t have to figure out who will drive, which cars everyone will take, how much parking will cost, and more. Hiring a bus takes much of the responsibility of planning the event off of the coordinator, and this remains priceless.

Customizing the Ride

Event planners find they can customize the ride to meet the group’s needs. Some buses hold as few as 18 passengers, while others carry 40 people. Luxury leather seating remains an option for some vehicles, and the planner chooses the number of TVs they would like on the bus. What a great way to watch the Super Bowl or March Madness. Everyone can see the game together and enjoy a ride around town without the worry of someone drinking too much and getting behind the wheel.

The event coordinator may request a vehicle with plugs and a USB charging system or select one with LED lights and surround sound. Some buses come with more than one bar area to minimize the wait time for drinks, and others offer four TVs. It’s all a matter of what the group needs, as we have 14 vehicles of this type to pick from.

Make a Good Impression

Imagine pulling up to a crowd in a bus. People will immediately take notice and want to know who is on the bus and why they are there. Furthermore, hiring a bus impresses those who are taking part in the event. They wonder what connections the event planner has to get a bus to take everyone where they want to go. This is a great way to garner attention and please everyone who is joining in on the party on the bus.

If you have yet to look into hiring a bus for your next event, now is the time to do so. The buses book well in advance, and no event planner wants to learn they have missed out on this option because they delayed making the reservation. Whether you are planning a wedding, a night on the town with guests from another city or state, or just want to have fun with friends, this is a great way to do so. Browse our site to see how we can help you have an event that will be talked about for months or years to come.

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