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How to Keep You and Your Party Safe When Booking a Party Bus or Limo

How to Keep You and Your Party Safe When Booking a Party Bus or Limo

Booking a limo or party bus should be all fun and games, but so long as there are inferior, unlicensed transportation providers out there taking advantage of hopeful travelers, there will always be a risk. The only way to truly keep you and your party safe when traveling like a VIP is to ensure you do your research.

Choose Your Luxury Transportation Carrier Carefully

Not every luxury transportation company is as incredible as Dream Limousines, but a good way to tell if a provider is even legit is to check the Department of Transportation’s list of currently authorized bus carriers in the state of Michigan. This list is a useful tool that allows you to see every company possessing a Certificate of Authority and figure out how many authorized vs. unauthorized vehicles their fleets contain. Dream Limousines is among the top carriers on this list, having an impressive 25 authorized vehicles to share with you for all your chauffeuring needs!

Don’t Forget to Check Safety Records

Another surefire way to tell if a company is full of potential or just itself is to take a look at its safety snapshot, which is a formal record available through the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website detailing all reported crashes, inspection information, number of authorized drivers, cargo and operations details, and other crucial data that could impede your decision. At Dream Limousines, our safety snapshot shows 42 total inspections, 0 accidents, 0 injuries, and merely one case where one vehicle needed a tow. In addition to the existing resources on the “Look Before You Book” page, FMCSA is launching an even more in-depth SAFER website soon dedicated to exposing more company safety data to protect potential travelers like you.

If you have any questions at all about our luxury transportation services, the safety of our fantastic fleet, the competence of our vetted drivers, or our satisfaction commitments here at Dream Limousines, we encourage you to reach out to one of our representatives right away. We also encourage you to verify our Certificate of Authority and take a look at our safety snapshot for yourself so that you can see the proof of our impressive devotion to and enthusiasm for safety. We assure you that at Dream Limousines, we have nothing to hide and wish only for you to enjoy an unforgettable experience with your friends, family, and more!