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Creative Ideas For Party Bus Fundraising Events

Creative Ideas For Party Bus Fundraising Events

Planning fundraisers can be stressful in a multitude of ways. You constantly have to top your own efforts from the year before, and a lot of the time creativity alone doesn’t cut it. If you want to bring in a ton of money for your cause, you need something fun, new, and exciting to catch everyone’s eye, like a party bus from Dream Limousines. And trust us. There are all kinds of party bus fundraising events you can try!

Mobile Trivia

Does riding around with a big group of people answering fast-paced trivia questions while enjoying delicious drinks sound like fun to you? If so, a mobile trivia night might just be the perfect party bus fundraiser for your cause. You can sell tickets for attendance and ride around for hours while everyone laughs and has a good time. The best part is because everyone is all together in a single place, onboard our party bus, you don’t even have to worry about cleaning up after your event!

Make Some Music

Hoping to entice more community engagement? Try letting everyone make some music to raise money. You can host a karaoke event onboard one of our party buses or use the same approach as carolers and use your party bus to shuttle from location to location. Our party buses at Dream Limousines already possess all the audio systems and functions you’ll need.

Create A Calendar

Creating a calendar is another popular fundraising method, especially for clubs and special interest groups. Being able to create a calendar onboard a party bus, however, is a whole other level of excitement and convenience. You will be able to fit all the cameras and photography equipment you’ll need inside. Plus, you can take photos onboard our luxury party bus or throughout the city with ease!

Try A Treasure Hunt

Finally, if you can pull it off, hosting a city-wide treasure hunt is a ton of fun. You can set up clues, break attendees into teams, and really amp up the drama. Prizes can be anything, and the ability to ride around all day in a luxury party bus looking for clues will be well worth it for your participants.

Do you already have some ideas in mind for what kind of fundraising event you’re hoping to put together? Make sure you get in touch with one of our representatives at Dream Limousines as soon as possible, so we can make sure we have the perfect party bus available for you!