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Bachelor Party Ideas in Metro Detroit

Bachelor Party Ideas in Metro Detroit

Want to take your buddies on an adventure to explore exciting attractions beyond downtown for your big night? Let one of our extraordinary luxury limousines or party buses take you. We have so many bachelor party ideas in Metro Detroit in mind already that we can’t wait to share.

Live Music

Live music and great drinks are one of the best ways to celebrate a bachelor’s last single night out. You can get wild, yell at the top of your lungs, and likely hear some pretty good music you can add to your playlist. We especially recommend you check out The Magic Bag, Sanctuary, The Loving Touch, and Outer Limits Lounge.


If your band of brothers is looking for something a little more exciting to make you feel alive before the big day, check out some local games and entertainment. Archery Mayhem, for example, is one attraction you won’t regret looking into. Made for competition, the high-paced archery activities at this location will have you feeling more invigorated than ever.


There are dozens of breweries, wineries, and more throughout Metro Detroit. If you’re looking for some incredible locally brewed beer and other beverages, you cannot go wrong at Urbanrest, Brooks Brewing South, The Royal Oak Brewery, Unexpected Craft Brewing, Supernatural Brewing and Spirits, or any of the other countless incredible options available to you. Best of all, thanks to Dream Limousines, you won’t even need a designated driver!

Dive Bars

If you’re looking for a more low-key type of place with a relaxed vibe where you and your buddies can let loose without getting into too much trouble, there are countless dive bars throughout Metro Detroit worth investigating. From Kwicky Bar, Ye Olde Tap Room, and The Painted Lady Lounge to Nite Cap Lounge, Adam’s Apple Bar, and Last Call, you’re sure to find a unique ambiance wherever you go – and, again, no designated driver required!


Need an upbeat atmosphere to keep everyone’s moods on track? Say no more! Metro Detroit has more clubs than local parks spread out all over the region. Inuendo, CLUB 8489, and Club Unique are just a handful of the many exciting clubs you can expect to encounter.


If you’re looking for a classic bachelor party tone featuring all your favorite vices, Metro Detroit does not disappoint. The entire area is full of the most delightfully depraved entertainment. You merely have to find what it is you’re looking for. Don’t know where to start? Check out Truth Detroit Gentlemen’s Club or The Coliseum and go from there.

Already know where your bachelor party is going to be and which of our luxury limousines or party buses you want to take for a ride? Get everything officially on the books by reaching out to one of our luxury transportation specialists at Dream Limousines today!

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