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Prom Transportation Planning Guide

It might be a little early to have prom on your mind, but it isn’t too early to start thinking about how you are going to travel in luxury and style on the big night. Limo and party bus services get booked up far in advance for prom season, so why not take a little break, day dream about prom and get a head start on nailing down your dream ride?


One of the most important things to consider in renting a limo or party bus for prom is cost. You don’t want a last-minute expense to put a damper on your fun, so planning ahead is important. Call around, do a little comparison shopping and get an idea of how much different services will cost you.

Also, don’t forget to ask questions that might affect the total bill. For example, are you expected to tip the driver or is gratuity included? Is there a cleaning fee? What things might I be charged extra for, like additional mileage or passengers.

Party Size

You can’t really make a final decision on your luxury ride until you know how many are going to be tagging along. Are you looking for a romantic ride for just you and your date? Do you plan on sharing with just one other couple, or are you and your 20 closest BFFs going to party together in a bus?

Limos and party buses can accommodate party sizes from 1 to 35, but the vehicle you need will depend on the size of your group. Even a close estimate is good to get you started. Also, keep in mind that the more people in your group, the more people you can share the expense with. In many cases, a limo or party bus is a very economical transportation solution.

Still not sure what size to reserve? Our advice is to go a little too big than a little too small. You never know who you might want to invite at the last minute.

Choose Someone to Be in Charge

Let’s say there are 20 of you who want to ride together in style. Don’t take the chance that things will just get taken care of by someone. Now is the time to show the world you got this under control by dividing up responsibilities among people in your group. Choose one person to be the point of contact with the limo service and put them in charge of transportation details.

What Are Your Plans?

Have an idea of what you are going to do on prom night. Are you planning to go straight to prom, or stop off for dinner or to take pics first? Do you want to celebrate and drive around town? How long do plan to stay at the prom itself?

Get together with your friends and make a plan. This will help the limo service determine the best vehicle and provide you with a more accurate price quote.

Ready to have the night of your life? Make prom memorable and relieve stress by tending to some of the details early. At Dream Limousines, we’re waiting to help you. Contact us today.