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How to Choose a Ride for Prom & Homecoming

Homecoming itself can be fun, but it can be more exciting to arrive in a luxurious limo along with your partner or even with your group of friends. Arriving or leaving in a prom limo is a kind of a promenade or homecoming tradition unless you haven’t saved for rental fees or haven’t book earlier than you should.

Luckily, you don’t need to need to own one and it doesn’t have to be too expensive. There’s a lot of limo rental service companies to choose from in Detroit area.

This article will help you on how to choose the best ride on your way to prom or homecoming and the right way to do it.

10 Tips when choosing a prom or homecoming limo:

Tip #1: Narrow Down Your Limo Search

Begin your limousine service adventure by narrowing down your search.

But before you even start narrowing down the search in finding the right limo rental service in Detroit, you must first decide on what type of ride you want to rent for prom or homecoming. Find the best limo rental service in your area by asking for the best referrals from friends, neighbors, or co-workers. You may also want to ask referrals from the tuxedo or gown rental shops.

You can also search online for reviews and best referrals of limo companies in your area. You may look into Yelp or YellowPages.

Tip #2: Always Check the Reputation of the Limo Company

Look for a company that has been in the limo rental business for a long time.

The best way to check how reliable the company can be done through referrals, client feedbacks, or by checking the limo company that trains, screens, and drug tests its drivers.

You don’t want to arrive late on prom night because the driver either didn’t show up or late. And I’m sure you don’t want a cheap ride that breaks down easily or worse, get lost along the way to the venue because the limo driver has no clue where he’s actually heading. Make sure the company has professional drivers with proper insurance in case an accident happens.

Tip #3: Choose the Best Ride for the Prom or Homecoming

Always weigh your options. You may organize a group of friends or go solo with your date.

Figuring out exactly how many people will be traveling with you will determine the type of vehicle that you need and its cost.

There are different types of prom or homecoming ride to choose from so it is important to choose a right ride suitable for the specific event and number of people traveling. Commonly limo rental companies will suggest a Limousine, a Hummer, and a Party Buses.

Tip #4: Choose the Right Packages

Limo rental companies may offer an affordable type of service packages in most substantial price breaks.

These “bull rate” or packages are often the best choice to avail for special occasions like prom, homecoming, sporting events, concerts, weddings, or other special events that have predictable estimated start and end time.

Packages normally provide a set of hours of use, vehicle size, and event type in an all-inclusive price. Most companies also offer discounts or extra services.

Tip #5: Book Your Ride Early!

Remember the rule of thumb!

Being turned down by a limo company can be depressing and it can also be quite difficult to get any chance of renting the right ride you want since there are more demands during the prom season so it’s always an advantage to booking early.

By simply booking a reservation for at least 2 months in advance, it ensures you that the limo you picked will be available during the prom or the homecoming night.

Tip #6: Ask About the Company License

Check for company licenses and chauffeur’s background check.

Whether or not the company provides the proper licenses, take the initiative of checking the company’s record and licenses.

The limo rental companies possess a permit legally released by the relevant government agency to operate this kind of service. Also, try to make inquiries about the driver for safety and security purposes.

Tip #7: Ask for A Contract

Make there’s a legal contract that iterates the service.

A proper contract should compose the exact date, model, size, and plate number. Rates, deposits, and cancellation fees should also be indicated including the gratuity and surcharges. More importantly, this contract should also state the company’s liability and responsibilities in the event of the breakdown, accidents, or no show.

If you have some concerns needed to add in the contract, be sure you get it included by the presence of the manager or supervisor.

Tip #8: Ask for the Client-Company Agreement

Always ask for copies of any written agreements and policies!

Before you completely undergo the terms of the agreement, it is important to look for the vital points such as terms regarding the terms from pre to throughout up to the post services. Also, make sure you get the right amount you need to deposit and the company’s cancellation policy.

Read them carefully and keep a copy of any agreements or policies for reference.

Tip #9: Review the Cancellation Policy

Problems may arise unexpectedly and you should be able to cancel your reservation if necessary.

Cancellations commonly occur in this kind of business so feel free to ask about a copy of the company policy regarding the cancellations.

Review its policy if they provide fair refund just in case you will decide to cancel your reservation.

Tip #10: Calculate the Total Cost

Always ask for the total cost before finalizing your decision in renting a limousine.

You should have a written confirmation that shows the total cost of the limo service rental along with the contract. If you don’t see any, you should ask for it. Don’t let it startle you the day after the prom or the homecoming night. It would be depressing to find out later that your credit card shows you excessive charges or expect your group to pay more money.

You should know if there’s a mandatory percentage of gratuity. There might be additional charges for every stop that you should be aware of. Ask if there are surcharges and/or miscellaneous fees then ask them what it’s for. Ask opinion on how much should tip the driver or is it already included in the charges. You don’t have to wait for any unpleasant surprises!


Prom and Homecoming night should be fun and not a hassle. Following these tips play a big role when renting out a limousine and making it worthwhile. If you already have found one but it seemed you’re way off the budget, invite friends to share a ride and expenses with you. By also checking the limo company’s contract, agreements and policies, you might also find some unnecessary inclusions that you can ask them to remove and only leave what you or your group really needs and what fits into your budget. Hope this helps and if you have further questions feel free to contact us.