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5 Unique Occasions That Are Perfect for Renting a Party Bus

When was the last time you were in a party bus, or even thought about renting one? Was it prom? Your bachelor party? Never? Whenever it was, we can tell you that it’s been too long.

Party buses, with the capacity to hold up to about 35 people, are more than transportation. They’re an experience. The only problem is that too many people go about their lives, missing the opportunity to treat themselves to luxury and style because they feel that an occasion isn’t special or important enough.

There’s absolutely no reason to not think outside the box when it comes to occasions for renting a party bus. Anytime you get together with your favorite people for an event or outing is the perfect time for a party bus.

If you’re looking for party bus ideas, anything goes, but here are a few of our favorite unique reasons for renting a party bus.

Girl’s (Or Guy’s) Night Out

Do you get together with the girls, or guys, every Thursday for drinks, or maybe every weekend for brunch. Has your regular get together become a little monotonous? We have an idea to liven things up a little.

A party bus rental.

A premier bus from our fleet has all the feature you need to take a night out and elevate it a few notches. Sometimes all you need is to bust out of routine. You can travel to new venues without worrying about traffic or designated drivers, you can see sights that you normally might miss on your commutes around town, or you can just chill and party right in the bus, which is loaded with a bar area, quality sound systems and gorgeous lighting.

Casino Trip

Want to live like a high roller? Reserve a party bus for your next group trip to the casino.

You know that the last thing anyone wants to do when heading to the casino is worry about transportation there and back. Plus, parking can be a beast.

Instead of packing yourselves into someone’s car, plan a casino themed event for your party bus. Stock the bar with drinks like the vesper martini and the poker face, then take your chance with lady luck.

That Concert You’ve Been Waiting For

Have tickets for that long-awaited concert finally gone up for sale? Right after you snag premier seats, make sure your next stop is to reserve your party bus.

You get to indulge in a little pre-concert celebration, and will have the luxury of not dealing with parking or finding your way to your car among the crowds.

An Epic Sporting Event

Whether you’re traveling to the local high school championship or the Super Bowl, a party bus is the perfect venue for your sports themed celebration.

Wear your favorite team gear and stock up on classic game time snacks. The winning team won’t be the only ones who score big.

Wine Tasting or Brewery Hopping

Local wineries and breweries offer the perfect excuse for exploring your town. While exploring the local flavors, let a party bus handle the transportation. You won’t have to worry about indulging in too many samples, or how your group will get from one spot to the next. Pick up a few of your favorites to enjoy in the party bus on the way home.

In our world, every occasion is the perfect reason to rent a party bus. We have even more ideas for you, and can put you in the best party bus for your group’s needs. Contact us today to learn more.