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Haunted Destinations in Detroit for a Spooky Halloween

What’s your favorite thing about October? For us, there are too many great things to name, but there’s no denying that the spooky thrills that come with Halloween are the best of all. This year, before you head out for the Halloween festivities, why not set the tone for the…

Make the best of your flight delay

How to Make the Most of a Flight Delay in Detroit

Flight delays are the bane of every air traveler, but they don’t have to be – especially if you’re delayed in a city as incredible as Detroit. There’s no reason to spend your delay stuck in an uncomfortable airport chair when you could be outside, experiencing the best that the…

Anniversary In Detroit

3 Ideas for Celebrating Your Anniversary with Style in Detroit

Is there any event that’s more deserving of a special celebration than the marking of another year spent with the one you love? Anniversaries are reminders of your commitment and love for each other and they are among the most important events in a couple’s lifetime together. Throughout the year,…

Fall Events

Enjoy October In Detroit with These Unforgettable Fall Events

The leaves are changing to show off the amazing colors of mother nature’s crayon box and there’s an unmistakable crispness in the air. For those that are familiar with Michigan’s seasons there’s no denying that it’s October. The weather has cooled off enough to make spending time outdoors enjoyable, but…