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Limo Services in Franklin, MI

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Residents of Franklin, MI love special events. From birthdays to weddings, there is always something to celebrate in this great town. To make special events even more special, many people rely on limo services.

Weddings Are Even More Special with a Limo

For most people, a wedding is a once in a lifetime event that is forever remembered. It is a day where two people unite in matrimony, proclaiming their love for one another to the world. 

On a couple’s wedding day, there is an opportunity to honor them. Many couples plan their wedding days down to the very most minute of details and work to ensure each moment is unforgettable. 

There are many decisions to make when it comes to planning a wedding. One of those decisions is securing proper wedding transportation. Although there are multiple options, luxurious weddings deserve a limo ride for the special couple. 

Limo services can be hired for multiple aspects of a Franklin, MI wedding. If you are planning a wedding, understanding the available limo services will help.

  • The limo will bring the bride to the church, so she can arrive in style. 
  • The limo will also take the newly married couple from the church to the reception. 
  • The limo company will provide a luxurious experience, complete with chilled champagne. 

There are multiple Limousine Wedding Packages for Wedding Planners that can help couples ensure their wedding day is an unforgettable one, with memories lasting a lifetime. We handle all the details of luxurious transportation, so you do not have to worry. 

Make Prom Night More Memorable

Prom night is an event people never forget, especially senior prom. When couples hire a limo service, they can arrive at their senior prom in style, becoming the envy of all their classmates in Franklin. We can handle small groups or single couples, allowing for an unforgettable night of safe fun. 

Sporting Events Are More Exciting with a Limo

Special sporting events are fun for sports enthusiasts. When your favorite team is playing a special game or you are headed to a big event, our limo services will make the day even better. Allow us to make your sporting event a day or night to remember. 

Celebrate Your Birthday in Style

Birthdays are special events that should be celebrated. No matter what you have planned for your birthday, a limo makes the day more exciting. Allow us to transport you to each destination. Arrive at your birthday party in style. 

Tips for Hiring a Limo Service in Franklin, MI

Whether you need a Wedding Limousine or one for another special event, choosing the right service is paramount. It is imperative individuals carefully research their options and learn all they can before putting down a deposit. 

  • Before attempting to hire a limo, you must know what event is being planned. It is important to know how many guests will be riding in the limo. 
  • There are multiple types of limo vehicles available, including party buses, stretch SUVs, and stretch Sedans. It is wise for individuals to survey the options and look at the fleet in person, so they can see all the details and make an informed decision.
  • Asking about party packages is important for special events. Many limo companies offer these packages for weddings and other special occasions. By signing up for a membership, you can receive special offers and discounts. 
  • Always reserve a limo as soon as the date has been settled. At certain times of the year, especially on holidays, limo services can get booked up quickly. Waiting until the last minute can lead to problems being able to rent a limo in Franklin, MI.
  • Planning all the details ahead of time is crucial for the result to be a fun and memorable event. Planning means less risk of unwanted surprises. If you want drinks served or prefer a special route, let the company know in advance, so they can plan to meet your needs. 
  • One of the most important things to remember about renting a limo is safety first. Make sure the limo company is insured properly and the driver is licensed. Ask to see a copy of the insurance policy, license, and driving record. If the company refuses to show it, do not hire them. 

By following the above tips, hiring a limo company will be much easier and less stressful. Taking time to plan and prepare will ensure a special event is one that is never forgotten. We make any event amazing, adding a touch of luxury that allows you and your guests to feel pampered and appreciated. 

We Meet Your Limo Rental Needs

It is our goal to make each of our customers completely satisfied. We strive to help make every moment a memorable one. We are the leading limo company in the greater Detroit area and South Michigan. 

Each vehicle in our fleet is beautiful, clean, and sanitized properly. You will not find a more luxurious and comfortable ride in Franklin, Michigan. We have been in operation for over 15 years and offer the highest level of customer satisfaction in the area. Why rely on anyone else for your limo needs?

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Limos are appropriate for many special occasions, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, sporting events, concerts, and more. Allow us to transport you safely and comfortably to your special destination. 

Riding in a limo is something everyone needs to experience at some point in their lives. Whether you are a resident of Franklin or visiting this great city, we are here to provide your transportation needs. 

We have a large fleet with multiple types of vehicles. No matter your transportation needs, we can meet them. From limos to shuttle services, and everything in between, Dream Limousines is the limo company to call in the greater Detroit and South Michigan areas. Allow us to make your special event a memorable one. Our limo service will exceed your expectations. Contact us today to get started.