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Why Rent a Party Bus for That Special Occasion?

You have been asked to plan an event for friends and everything needs to be perfect. Coordinating the details takes time and effort, and many people find they become overwhelmed. Eliminate one aspect of the day or night by arranging transportation early in the planning process. What are the benefits of investing in party bus rentals near Detroit? Why would a person spend money and leave the driving to someone else? 


It’s Convenient


Anyone who has ever traveled with a group of family or friends, whether it be across town or across the country, knows how hard it is to keep the group together when people take different vehicles. A driver might get lost, holding everyone else up for the dinner reservations, and finding parking for multiple vehicles in and around Detroit truly becomes a challenge. It’s hard enough to find parking for one vehicle, much less several, in certain parts of town. People who rent a chartered bus find they avoid problems such as these because everyone arrives at the destination together, and nobody misses out on the fun. 


The bus comes with a professional chauffeur who goes where the riders wish to go. They take the group to an event, restaurant, or show and wait until the party is ready to travel to the next destination or return home. Everyone travels in comfort and many buses feature a bathroom, so there’s no need to stop and interrupt the celebration. Ask for this feature when you call to request your vehicle for hire. 


Leave the Driving to Someone Else


Men and women may miss out on the fun because they must drive everyone else around. However, someone must handle this task to ensure everyone travels safely. With the help of a party bus, everyone can take part in the activities knowing they will arrive home safely once the fun is over. The vehicle comes with a professional chauffeur who has the license and insurance to ensure this is the case. 


A person might believe it is more economical to handle this task on their own. They don’t consider how much it will cost if they decide to have a drink or two and get pulled over. The cost of an attorney to handle the driving under the influence charge along with the consequences that come with a conviction remains much pricier than the cost of a party bus. Keep this in mind as you plan the event and invest in a chartered vehicle to avoid this issue. Doing so could actually save you money and the embarrassment of getting pulled over and arrested. 




Speaking of the cost, event participants have other options. They may feel taking Uber, a taxi, or public transportation would cost less. However, it never hurts to request a quote for a party bus. Individuals who do so often find the cost runs approximately what participants would pay for other transportation options in and around Detroit. Everyone pitches in for the cost and can travel together. This means nobody misses out on a show or dinner because they got lost, couldn’t find parking, or something of that nature. They don’t have to pay for parking in popular parts of the city. Furthermore, they didn’t lose the funds they spent on other portions of the activity because they chose a party bus and arrived where they needed to be on time. This doesn’t even consider the fun a person has on this ride, which is priceless. 


As mentioned previously, a person could incur additional expenses if they choose to drink and drive. A person might need to pay to park their vehicle at one or more locations during the planned activity, and certain places won’t let a person use the restroom unless they purchase something. These costs add up, but they disappear when the group charters a party bus. Factor this into the decision-making process. 




Event participants cannot put a price tag on the fun they have when they rent this vehicle. It takes everyone where they want to go. While the driver takes control of the wheel, the riders get to engage in activities they would otherwise have to miss out on. Extend the party by selecting this option. The fun begins the minute everyone steps on the party bus and doesn’t stop until it drops them off at their final destination. 


In fact, some people choose a vehicle for hire simply to have it take them around town. They never get off the party bus but simply enjoy the ride. They see the sites, spend time with family and friends, and leave the driving to someone else. Family reunions serve as a good example of when a party bus might serve as the entire trip. People could see what Detroit has to offer without ever leaving their cushy accommodations and reconnect before taking part in other shared activities. The same could be true when business travelers come to town. Show them what Detroit offers without ever leaving the transport. It’s an option that is often overlooked but shouldn’t be. 




Impress your friends by pulling up in a party bus. This offers individuals a way to celebrate a special occasion or have fun with loved ones without doing the same things they have done in the past. They will remember how you made the event fun and memorable in every way. In fact, they may wonder how you afford to come up with great new ideas and want to put you in charge of every event in the future. With the help of this vehicle and other available options, planning for these events in Detroit becomes easier. 


Dream Limousines, Inc., prides itself on providing the best limo service for our customers in Southwest Michigan. If you believe a party bus is right for your next event or occasion, contact us today.