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The Benefits of Renting a Shuttle for Your Corporate Event

Most people find it easy to travel from one place to another. They have multiple options when it comes to transportation and can choose the most convenient option for the situation. However, planning transportation for large groups of people takes more time and effort. The coordinator must arrange everything down to the last detail to ensure problems don’t arise for individuals taking part in the event. 

Communicating the arrangements to individuals increases the stress the event planner is under, as any miscommunication could lead to one or more individuals missing out on the event. They will probably have an unfavorable opinion of the organization if that happens. To avoid issues such as this, consider hiring a corporate shuttle. What are the benefits associated with renting a shuttle for an event? 


Event planners find hiring a shuttle for their corporate event makes organizing the event a much easier task. They no longer need to worry about people arriving at the correct time or departing from the event late. This helps to ensure the event remains on schedule from start to finish. It’s very frustrating when a guest speaker, VIP, or executive doesn’t arrive on time because this can throw the entire schedule off track. The shuttle makes certain everyone arrives at the event venue in a timely manner. 

Furthermore, the shuttle takes some of the burdens of planning the event off of the organizer. They no longer need to worry about renting cars, arranging for carpools, obtaining directions from a variety of locations, and more. Everyone meets at a central location and the shuttle service handles the rest. The only aspect of this process the event planner handles is choosing a central location for participants to park and meet the shuttle. 


Event planners want everyone to arrive at the venue safely. Using a shuttle helps to ensure this is the case. The service employs professional, licensed drivers who are trained to handle a variety of situations while out on the road. They learn how to avoid reckless drivers and obey all traffic laws, knowing a failure to do so could cost them their license and their job. Allowing someone else to do the driving protects the participants in another way. 

People expect to remain connected at all times. A person might be tempted to glance at their cell phone or take a phone call while driving to the event. They want to ensure they have the latest information before they arrive. Allow them to stay in touch with others while keeping safe by hiring a shuttle to do the driving on their behalf.

They can monitor their emails, take phone calls, and send and receive texts while traveling to the venue. In addition, they may even choose to hold a meeting on the shuttle rental to ensure everyone is on the same page before the event. The shuttle makes this possible, and event participants are sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness of the organizer. 


Reserving a shuttle for corporate events shows the business cares about the participants and values them. Participants appreciate not having to make their own arrangements to get to the venue and pay to do so. Clients are impressed when they see that the company will go the extra mile to accommodate them and make their lives easier. It sets the tone for the event before anyone arrives at the venue and leads participants to have a more favorable opinion of the company hosting the event. Arranging a shuttle demonstrates the company puts the needs of the clients and other event participants before its own. 


A company might hold a corporate event to bring together partners, shareholders, and leaders. When this is the case, a private shuttle becomes of great help. Individuals can discuss sensitive topics that need to remain within the organization without fear of others overhearing them. Only those who would otherwise be privy to this information will be present on the shuttle, which isn’t the case with other forms of public transportation. The participants may collaborate while traveling on the shuttle, check emails, handle other work, and more. 

Environmental Impact

Many consumers today purchase only from those companies committed to reducing their carbon footprint. Approximately 24 pounds of carbon dioxide and other gases make their way into the air for each gallon of gas a car consumes. While a shuttle does consume more gas than a passenger vehicle, it emits fewer gases that can do harm to the environment than multiple cars would emit. Participants are certain to appreciate this, as are consumers when the company shares this information with them. Additionally, less gas is used and the participants save money, another thing they will love about taking part in the event. They may share this with others and provide the company with some positive advertising. 


Private shuttles come with amenities not found on most other types of transportation. Depending on the vehicle selected, this might include a restroom, one or more bars, additional storage, climate control features, and more. The event planner determines what is needed in terms of amenities, typically basing this decision on the length of the trip and the individuals taking part in the event. 


Nobody likes to arrive in a new place only to find they are lost and need directions to their hotel, the event venue, the business headquarters, or another location. They want the process to run smoothly so they can make the most of every minute. Hiring a shuttle to transport participants makes their lives easier and shows the host’s commitment to excellence. This becomes of great benefit in attracting new people to the company and building their loyalty. 

Travel with a group of any size and a trip can quickly become challenging, exhausting, and overwhelming. Ask any mother who has been to the grocery store with more than one child in tow. Corporate events tend to involve much larger groups, and organizing and coordinating transportation for the participants can take up lots of time and effort on the part of the host. Make life easier by eliminating the stress of transportation. Hire a shuttle service and know that the company providing the shuttle will handle those details. This leads to a positive travel experience and an event that will be remembered for the right reasons. The company benefits when this is the case. 

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